Will Ferrell



John William "Will" Ferrell was born on July 16, 1967, in Irvine, California and is 48 years old. He graduated from the University of Southern California and after started his comedy career in The Los Angeles Comedy/Improvisation group called the Groundlings. In 1995, Ferrell became a household name after becoming a member of the late night sketch comedy show Saturday Night Live. From there his acting career would start and he would use his comedic talent to his advantage. After and during his time on Saturday Night Live Ferrell would begin to star in such movies as Anchorman(2004), Talladega Nights(2006) and Semi-Pro(2008). He is continuing to act today and got married to his spouse Viveca Paulin in the year 2000 and now has 3 children.


Education came to Ferrell when attending the University of Southern California yet his acting career training came in the form of the improvisation group, the Groundlings. The most help he got with his acting career was Saturday Night Live. The sketch comedy show taught him what it meant to be an actor. He keeps the show in his mind to this day to help him act.

Major Roles


"Immature is a word that boring people use to describe fun people"- Will Ferrell
Kicking dog off a bridge scene - Anchorman
Step Brothers - Bunk Beds Scene
Bribery Scene - The Other Guys


He has been influenced by such comedians as Steve Martin, and Chevy Chase. Both which have appeared on Saturday Night Live, the TV show that gave fame to Ferrell in the first place.


Will Ferrell has been recognized many times for his comedic work. Many times winning awards in the process. Some of these awards include:

-2 American Comedy Awards for Anchorman 2 and Saturday Night Live

-1 Behind the voice actor awards for the Lego Movie

Ferrell has also been nominated for 3 Primetime Emmy Awards and 2 Golden Globe Awards

Interesting facts

-When he was in high school he worked as a teller at a Wells Fargo

-On March 26, 2015, he received a star on the Hollywood walk of fame

-In many movies he is attacked by animals such as being attacked by grizzly bears in Anchorman(2004), attacked by a cougar in Talledega nights(2006) and attacked by another grizzly bear in Semi Pro(2008).