Health Concerns

By Lauren West 4th

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Children hearing is usually well developed by middle childhood.

Mild-range sounds develop first, followed by high-range

By 11 children have auditory awareness of adults

Ear infections

Number of ear infections decrease due to structural changes


-BY age 6 most children can read

-Some kids are farsighted- they can see objects in the distance more clearly then those that are close

-Throughout middle child hood they become Nearsighted

-Nearsighted is being able to see close objects more clearly than those at a distance

-More children that are engaged in reading/close-work up

-They become nearsighted

-25% of children will need a vision corrected

-It is important to go to the doctors regularly

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-During middle childhood children lose baby teeth

-1st and 2nd graders often have teeth less smiles

-First small teeth are central incisiors

-By age 12 all 20 primary teeth will be adult teeth

-At first will be out of propation

-But then facial bones grow

-Tooth loss can have a psychological effect on some

-they become self conscious.

-A common health problem is tooth decay

(due to sweets and poor hygiene)


-Is excessive bodily fat.

-obesity affects 25% of school-age children

-will effect an emotional health

-have lack of stem , fewer friends

-environment plays a big role in it

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