Koury's Junior Year Gone By

Bye Bye!

Enjoyments Throughout the Year

  • New Memories and Opportunities
  • Having a Job
  • Moving in With my Brother and Assuming a More Adult Life Style
  • Volunteer Hours

What I Learned Throughout the Year

  • Sometimes you just have to work through the pain and the panic
  • Take care of myself before worrying about anything else. It can and will land you in the emergency room
  • In order to do all the things I want to do, like cosmic bowling, going to the movies, going shopping, I have to make it to work and earn the money

My Successes

  • I got a Job!! And then a Second One!
  • Made it through My First Tattoo!!
  • Made Top Six for State Qualifying in Bowling!
  • Held a Tarantula for the first time... Scary!

Goals For Next Year

  • Pass my Summer School Classes(Extras! I promise I didn't fail!!)
  • Gain some more confidence. I would love to be more outgoing and to also be able to sing in front of large groups of people without spazzing out
  • Get my License and a Car


  • Well, I ended up in the emergency room due to really bad consequences from drinking too many energy drinks
  • Volunteered for Habitat for Humanity (Look at the pic with Busby..)
  • Work Christmas Party
  • Bowling Meets
  • Des Moines trip for iJAG
  • My Nephew, Cale, was born
  • Large Group Ensemble

Things That Could Have Gone Better

  • Better grade in Choir
  • I could have tried a bit harder in my classes
  • I could have left my first job on better terms

Summer Plans

  • Make this New Job Last a while
  • Have fun on Missouri
  • Pass Summer School
  • Get moved into the top floor(Massive Attic) of my brother's house
  • Get my own car and learn to drive
  • Spend more time with my middle brother and his two kids