By Stephen King

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When You Fight The Past, The Past Fights Back


Jake Epping a Teacher has to go on a mission. He has to travel back in time and track down Lee Harvey Oswald and kill him before Kennedy's assassination. The only way he could do this is by using his friend portal which is located in the pantry of his friends diner. Jake uses the name George Amberson to prevent anybody figuring out he went back in time. With a new job and friends to help with Al's plan Jake is set. Not for long though as the timeline sends challenges to stop Jake. Along with these challenges Jake realizes that he can change the past but with consequence he has yet to know. Jake even has his own thoughts on this whole ordeal, Is it really worth it.

Rules For The Portal's 2 Minute Gap

  1. The Time Machine will transport the traveler to September 9, 1958 at 11: 58 a.m.
  2. No matter how long someone stays in the Past ( Days,Weeks,Months, or Years) only two minutes have passed when they return to 2011
  3. Past events can be changed but only with the use of the portals way to ''reset'' the timeline.
  4. The ''Obdurate'' past throws obstacles to prevent history from being changed.

Excerpt from the Book

I went down with my left foot. Went down with my right foot again, and all at once there was a pop inside my head, exactly like the kind you hear when you're in a airplane and the pressure changes suddenly.The dark field inside my eyelids turned red, and there was warmth on my skin. It was sunlight. No question about it. And faint smell had grown thicker, moving up the scale from barley there to actively unpleasant. There was no question about that, either.

I opened my eyes.

I was no longer in the pantry. I was no longer in Al's Diner, ethier. Although there was no door from the pantry to the outside world, I was outside. I was in the courtyard. But it was no longer brick and there were no outlet stores surrounding it. I was standing on crumbling, dirty cement.Several huge metal receptacles stood against the blank white wall where Your Maine Snuggery should have been. There were piled high with something and covered with snail-size sheets of rough brown burlap cloth.

I turned to look at the big silver trailer which houses Al's diner, but the diner was gone.

Symbols For The Book


Jacob ''Jake'' Eppings

High School English teacher and part time GED teacher. When he travels back in time he uses the name George Amberson and works again as a english teacher, while he watches Harry Oswald from afar.

Sadie Dunhill

A young women from Savannah, Georgia who comes to Texas and starts to work with ''George''. She had ran away from her abusive boyfriend Johnny. She meets George who becomes her lover and fiancee so he tells her everything. She-s one out of the three people who know Jake-s real identity.

Harry Dunning

A crippled janitor at Libson Falls High School and former GED student of Jake's. Became friends with Jake after he submitted a paper about the night his father murdered his family and left him injured. In the story he described how his father used a hammer to kill his mom and sibling this sparked their friendship since Jake felt pity to Harry

Al Tempteton

Owner of Al's Dinner and long time acquaintance of Jake. Only shares his secret time machine and plan to prevent John F. Kennedy's assassination with Jake. To make Jake go through with his plan he fakes suicide.
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My opinion of this book is that was well written. It had the right amount of facts to blend well with the plot. It was a fun read but the book was long.


I recommended this book for anybody that loves historical and sci-fi fiction. it's great for anybody looking for a long book to read because it always catches your attention. It never gets boring. Hope if you like the book you would like the show as well but it's a little different.