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Should students who commit cyberbullying be suspended?

Should students who commit cyberbullying be suspended from school?

How would you like it if your child or friend was scared to go to school because they were being cyberbullied? Awful, right? It's not good to cyberbully and heck some kids even get away with it at school. But that should change and there are many reason as to why kids who cyberbully should be suspended from school.

Cause of teenage depression, self harming, or suicide.

Cyberbullying is a huge problem thatcan cause many terrible things to occur. For example, cyberbullying can cause a person to be depressed, turn to self harming, or even consider suicide. Many people say that you shouldn't care or listen to what other people say, but sometimes it's hard to when mean hurtful comments are constantly blowing up your phone. According to statistics, about 42% of teens report being cyberbullied, three million kids are absent due to bullying, 20% of kids think about suicide, and one in ten attempt it. Cyberbullying is the number three cause in teen deaths.

Cyberbullies think it's easier to get away with.

Many teens out there say that cyberbullying is easier to get away with. Actually, 81% of teens say that bullying online is easier to get away with. That shouldn't be right. They think that because it's off campus that no one can get them in trouble. Even the school. But that is wrong, Just because they aren't bullying at school doesn't mean that t still isn't a crime.

If the school doesn't do anything then who will?

Sure, you can get the police on the person, but they can't do anything. They can't arrest the student. But the school can. The school can bring in the cyberbully and his/her parents and talk to them about what is going on. Because it's bad enough that mean hurtful things are being said about that person by a certain someone, but having to see them everyday at school? That's even worse. The school can find ways to punish the student for what they have done.

The cyberbully might strike again.

Okay, so if the cyberbully gets away with it who knows if he/she will go online and harass someone else? They'll think that it's alright to do that when it's not. You never know, what if the predator is allowed to go to school and starts tormenting the victim in person. That would just be worse and may even lead to something even much worse.

It's more than a game.

Cyberbullies think that cyberbullying is a game and don't think more of it as a "joke", when it's not. Cyberbullying affects people in many ways. Especially in school. A kid who is being cyberbullied will never get the hurtful comments out of their head and it will start to take over their mindset up until the point where they can't focus on their schoolwork anymore. Leading them to fail their tests, their grades go down, and their self esteems to go way down.

It could lead to bullying at school.

Now that the cyberbullying has basically taken control of the victm's life, it could lead to bullying at school. Such as the bully will start to spread rumors about the person when they're not true. Also other people will think it's alright to bully the person because everyone else is doing it.

Lead to more worse things happening.

Pictures could be uploaded that are fake. The whole school could start to doing more terrible stuff to the person. Teachers should be alerted of these things that are happening and do something about it before it gets too late. The students who commited this basically crime should be punished for causing so much pain to the certain person. Action should be taken upon those certain situations.
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