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Granger Jr. High, November 2019, Vol.2

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A Message To Our Readers

Welcome to our 2nd parent newsletter of the year! In this newsletter you will find information regarding one of our big Griffin events of the year – Career Fair! As well as important information on our weekly PLC Days, After School Support Programs as well as details regarding the yearly ELPAC Assessment that will take place March 2020.

Our last Creating Connections edition received over 700 views! Thank you for staying informed on Granger events, policies and important information regarding your student's academic success. Together, we can help our students succeed!

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Granger Staff

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Career Fair 2019

For the fifth year in a row, GJH hosted Career Fair, where students explored a variety of careers as well as interacted one on one with professionals. This year, we had professionals presenting inside classrooms as well as on display. Presenters for this year's event included: Cox Communications, NCPD, UPS, licensed therapist, and more!

In the weeks leading up to Career Fair, counselors along with the help of staff members reach out to professionals and invite them to our school to present to students. After the list is finalized, students are given the opportunity to choose the top 3 professions they would like to hear present. Counselors then take that information and begin to assign students the presenters they will hear from inside the classroom. In order for students to get the best experience possible, Career Fair is organized on a rotation schedule. One half of the student population is in the classroom listening to the presenter they previously chose while the other half of the school is out on the basketball courts interacting one on one with other professionals. When the time is up, students then rotate. This rotation schedule allows students to closely interact with a multitude of careers in a fun and engaging way.

Why do we have Career Fair?

It is never too early to get students thinking about what it is they would like to be “when they grow up”. Our ultimate goal with Career Fair is to expose students to career pathways and have them further investigate careers that have caught their interest. The topic of careers and post-secondary options doesn’t start and end in your child’s school day. Keep the conversation going at home by supporting and encouraging your child to research careers that interest him/her. For more tips click the link below!

ELPAC and Reclassification

This March, many of our students will be taking the English Language Proficiency

Assessments for California (ELPAC) Summative Assessment. The state of California requires the exam be given to students whose primary language is a language other than English. Students new to the country are given an initial assessment to determine proper placement and identification.

Separate from the initial assessment there is the annual summative assessment that is given to those classified as Long Term English Language Learners. Passing scores along with other criteria met, will guarantee a student “reclassification” status. Reclassification will allow for better comprehension, higher literacy skills and overall greater academic success for students.

The ELPAC consists of assessing 4 domains: speaking, listening, reading and writing in

English. The scores differ from grade level, however, each exam consists of the same

domains. If you would like to see samples and prep guides for the ELPAC, click the link below.

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Career Fair - Nov. 15

Thanksgiving Giveaway from Mayor Sotelo-Solis - Nov. 22

Thanksgiving Break - Nov. 25-29

Talent Show at Sweetwater Union High School - Dec. 3

GJH Band performance at the Chula Vista Starlight Parade - Dec. 7

Holiday Spirit Week - Dec. 9

Ornament Giveaway for Perfect Attendance - Dec. 11-13

Winter Band Convert at Sweetwater Union High School - Dec. 12

End of Course Exams- Dec. 17-19

Last day of Semester 1, Minimum Day, 1:00 p.m. release - Dec. 20

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Extracurricular Activities = Balance and Academic Achievement

Adults - staff, teachers, parents - often tend to focus solely on students’ academic performance by measuring how well a student is doing based on a student’s grades. Although grades are certainly key indicators of success, students need more than academics in their lives. In fact, many studies have shown that student involvement in extracurricular activities will result in higher academic performance. This includes improved grades and homework completion as well as a higher likelihood of applying to college. In addition to providing balance, being involved in extracurricular activities – such as sports, clubs and leadership – creates connections and a sense of ownership to the school.

Granger offers a variety of extracurricular activities for students including, ASB, AASU, AIA, after school sports, SUHi sports and more! Student involvement in these activities are an essential part of academic achievement as well as personal and social growth.

Click here to see other benefits of students being involved in school and maintaining the grades necessary for extracurricular eligibility.

PLC Days

As of this school year, every Friday at GJH is a designated PLC Day with students dismissed at 2:00 p.m. This time allows teachers to meet with their same-subject matter teams, Professional Learning Communities or “PLCs”, to strategically plan, analyze student data and evaluate curriculum and instructional practices. At the end of last school year, teachers voted on a schedule change in order to incorporate PLC days every Friday rather than every 2nd, 3rd or 4th Friday. That is why the school day has been extended by 10 minutes with a new school start and end time. The additional 10 minutes to the school days makes up for the time that teachers meet after school on PLC Fridays (2pm-3:20pm).

Granger is not the only school to have weekly PLC days, in fact, schools across the Sweetwater Union High School District incorporate weekly PLCs into school schedules. The SUHSD website states, “PLCs are a critical element of site professional development and growth.” During PLCs, teachers can share with one another coursework, projects, exams as well as organize curriculum to be on the same track with one another. This collaboration is an essential factor in making sure that all students at Granger Jr. High are exposed to the same content and understand the designated Common Core State Standards by the end of the school year.

After School Support Programs

We are quickly approaching the end of semester 1 and that means that this is the time for students to work harder to get their grades up or maintain the grades that they have. We offer after school academic support programs such as AEC and tutoring where students get the extra help they need.


Granger Jr. High’s Academic Enrichment Center “AEC”, is an after school support program where students with Ds and Fs complete missing assignments. Students receive assistance from tutors which include both teachers and instructional assistants, who assist them in answering homework questions or reviewing information. See the schedule below for more information.


Tutoring takes place after school in classrooms with teachers from 3:20 p.m.-4:30 p.m. Here, teachers work during the hour to reteach subject matter as well as give make up tests and quizzes. This year, teachers of the same subjects tutor on the same day of the week. This makes it easier for parents and students to keep track of the days. See the schedule below for more information. If you see your child struggling in a subject, please speak to his/her teacher about tutoring opportunities.

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** Important*** If your child is scheduled to attend AEC or tutoring, you will receive an

automated phone call notification the DAY PRIOR to your student staying. Please do not

forget to check voicemails/home phone messages for this notification. If your number is not

up to date or are not receiving phone calls please call the front office at (619)472-6000.

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*Note: This newsletter is published quarterly.

At Granger we are dedicated to helping all students succeed through the collaboration of parents and community. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (619) 472-6000.