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Man save woman and dog for icy grave.

Lafayette Bailey died on April 22 2003 in Central Park after saving Lucy and her dog buster from a frozen lake. Lafayette Bailey just siting on a bench when he heard the screams of Lucy. Lucy and dog were on a run when buster the dog saw a squirrel that was on the frozen lake. Buster took off at the squirrel but the weight of Lucy and buster were to much for the ice. They fell in and the only one to hear her screams and her dog barks was Lafayette Bailey. Lafayette ran jump in frist saved Lucy then her dog. But sadly later after saving buster Lafayette died of hyperthermia. Lafayette has two sons Tyree and Charlie and one on the way. Lucy said she will never forget him. Lafayette was a very brave man and has a good Lucy also said. Lafayette Bailey funeral will be held on April 31 2003.