The App Generation Ch. 4-6

Candice Salow

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Text Messaging

Students use text messaging to communicate throughout the day. 78% of all adolescents in U.S. own a cell phone (4 out of 5 American teens) -60% of text messages sent out every day on average for teens and for older girls that jumps to 100.
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Online Identity

Online identity is less complete than their offline identity. Online people try to glam up their lives showing people only things that will get positive reactions.
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College Students

Today's college student is going towards more individualism and away from more community-minded. Also showing in movies today where younger students feel like they are more like those students who have individualistic values.


Using apps like Skype and facetime is great to use to be able to connect to others, but it is almost impossible to achieve a level of deep, warm connection that face to face contact can provide. Younger generations are losing this close contact.
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From the 90's to the present students imagination and creativity have changed greatly. Students are not learning as much through prior knowledge/background knowledge (learning through experiences). Students are now learning and doing more on technological devices.