This Week in Team

Week of May 2, 2016

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Reminder: Mandatory EOC Training

Be sure to complete the following prior to EOC testing:

Below are the links you will need to view the video and docs on your computer. My apologies for the links not working earlier. I have relinked the excel docs as well for those who could pull them up earlier. If you have any questions, please e-mail Melissa or Sam.

Click here for the video Melissa sent out (It is mandatory that everyone views this)

Click here for Google Drive with Proctor Spread Sheets

Complete additional active monitoring training. There are three modules.

You are able to advance slides prior to the ending of the recorded part. The quiz for each module is located in the last few slides of each module. These need to be completed by each staff member (in order to print certificates) prior to our next EOC. Certificates can be turned in to Amy Stroh in SSS. In addition, you must also sign another oath prior to testing. These are with Amy as well.

Click on the link below to access the trainings.

Monday, May 2

AP/IB/EOC Testing Begins

APQC with DC Kelly

Kelly Strey will join us in team for a technology survey.

Though the meeting will still take place in Sam's room, Sam will be proctoring the AP Psych Exam.

Tuesday, May 3

Semester 1 UbD Revision Continues

Mandatory Department Meeting

Tuesday, May 3rd, 4pm


Per Anthony, the department will meet to welcome Jon Eric "Z" back to our campus. If you are unable to attend, you must communicate with Anthony and Z.

Wednesday, May 4

Semester 1 UbD Revision Continues/Spring Final Exam

Once UbD revision is complete, we will begin looking at the Spring Final Exam.

English II



Exam Schedules:

May 31

June 1 & 2

Thursday, May 5

Unit 5 Common Assessment Grade Calibration for English II

Please bring several persuasive writing samples for calibration using the common assessment rubric. English II teachers will meet in Joseph's room.

Friday, May 6

Team Does Not Meet

Have a wonderful weekend!
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The Teaching Channel

Want to watch another teacher present a lesson outside of school time? The website below allows you to watch inspiring teachers in action!

These short videos (anywhere from 1 to 15 minutes) are searchable by content and grade level, are a fabulous source for professional development!

Have ideas for how to use this to influence your classroom? Share them in the comments below!

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Schedule a Learning Walk

  • View the master list here.
  • Use this optional form to guide your reflection during/after each learning walk.
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ESL Certification Information

From Mr. Jasso:

I email to provide you with information related to our ESL certification discussion in the English Department meeting this morning. A reminder that CISD is moving towards improved service for ESL students through English instruction. This means that new hires, as well as current staff, will be required to obtain ESL certification by the Spring of 2017. CISD will pay for one exam fee for each teacher impacted (you can elect to take the digital test). The cost of updating your certification status with SBEC would be paid by the teacher, however. Below are resources to help you learn more about this certification and resources to help you prepare for this exam.

Test and Certification FAQs

Study Materials

Register from the Exam

We will pursue face to face training for interested teachers and provide that time and date when available. Thank you again for your positive attitude (and the Diet Cokes)!

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