Classifying the Colonies

Jamestown,Massachusetts Bay, Pennsylvania,Maryland,Georgia


The Virginia Company

The joint stock company would be the benefactor that would allow the boats to go to America. They would create a charter that would state that all of the explores would retain their rights as any Englishmen, this would become a important factor while fighting for independence.


The boats containing the first citizens of Jamestown would dock in the year 1607. With the docking of the boat would be the establishment of the first permeate British North American colony. These men would have high hopes of finding gold in order to make a name for themselves.

John Smith and John Rolfe


During the first few months of colonization many men died now only due to disease, but because they had never encountered wilderness like what the new world had to offer. Smith would be the man to step up and organize the men so that they had special jobs in order to help sustain the colony.

--The Starving Time

To demonstrate the need for John Smith would be shown when he left to go back to England. Him leaving would sent Jamestown into a time of starvation, where many people would die. By Smith leaving a power vacuum was created and Jamestown would be saved by John Rolfe.


When Jamestown's economy began to suffer, Rolfe would introduce a revolutionary cash crop, tobacco. Later Rolfe would aid in the ending the first Anglo-Powhatan War in 1614 with his marriage to an Indian woman named Pocahontas.


The establishment of tobacco plantations would help boost the economy and eventually lead to the introduction of slavery into the colonies.

The House of Burgasses

When the House of Burgesses was established in 1619, it would be the start of representative government in the new world. It would allow the set up for the later House of Representatives and Senate.

Chesapeake Bay Virginia

De La Warr

Lord De La Warr would arrive in 1610 and he would be responsible for the high tension between the natives and the settlers. He would introduce "Irish tactics" and raid villages, these acts would lead to the first Anglo-Powhatan War.

Powhatan Indians

This would be the main tribe that the new settlers would interact with, and ultimately declare war with. In the end the people of Jamestown would win the war because many of the Indians were whipped out by European diseases, they were too disorganized, and the English had more superior weapons.

Massachusetts Bay Colony

People of the Colony

Massachusetts Bay colony-

the company that would sponsor the expeditions to the new world, where the Bay colony would be formed

John Winthrop- the first governor of the colony

Puritans- would secure a royal charter from the Massachusetts Bay Company to create a new colony


---Anne Hutchinson- claimed that holy life was no sure sign of salvation (antinomianism), this would get her banished from the colony

---Roger Williams-salem minister who challenged the charter and deemed having "newe and dangerous opinions"

Pilgrims- would settle Plymouth, which would join the colony later, also know as separatists

--Mayflower Compact- the agreement to from a crude government and to submit to the majority

Places of the Colony

Massachusetts Bay- the main body of water where fishing and other activities could be preformed

Plymouth Rock- the landing sight of the Pilgrims

Boston- The main city of the colony


1681- the year that Pennsylvania was founded

1700- year when Pennsylvania became the highest populated colony

Philadelphia- the largest city in Pennsylvania

Delaware River- the river that flows through Pennsylvania that would allow trade and fishing

More People

Dutch, French, German- due to its tolerance the Pennsylvania colony became home to many diverse cultures

Quakers-religious group that founded Pennsylvania

--"Blue Laws"- due to the Quakers being very religious group they would create a law that would ban stage plays, playing cards, dice, games, and excessive hilarity


1634- year it was founded

Lord Baltimore- founded for religious freedom for Catholics

St. Marys-first landing spot/establishment in Maryland, founded by Lord Baltimore

Baltimore-major city in Maryland, mainly due to manufacturing

Plantation Colony

feudal System- system implemented to aid in agriculture

tobacco- due to having a similar climate to Jamestown, Maryland also thrived on tobacco production

--indentured servants- system used to aid in production where people would come to work for a high class family in order to come to the New World


James Oglethorpe-founder of the colony due to his interests in prison reform

No Slavery- the original plan for Georgia was to never have slaves to do production

1749-Georgia became a slave colony after Oglethorpe left

1752- Became a royal colony and began to prosper

Religious Toleration- Out castes like the German Lutherans and Scots Highlanders were able to find refuge

Parliament- the type of government implemented in Georgia, only colony that wasn't mostly self ruling

Debtor colony- debtors were sent there instead of serving jail time, made the colony more rebellious in nature