My Smore of France

By Reed Martin

French Religion

The main religion in France is Christianity and about 37% of the population is Christian. The next most populous religion in France is Atheism at 22%. This is followed by Buddhism and Islam at 12%. Muslims in France have experienced religious hate crimes. One Frenchmen went as far as to hang a severed pig's head on a Muslim's grave. Despite all of this France, was voted the most religiously accepting country.

French Economy

France has the world's fifth largest economy and the 2nd largest economy in Europe (Behind Germany). According to the International Monetary Fund (IFM), France has the 18th highest gross domestic product (GDP) per capita and the 3rd highest in Europe. French citizens enjoy a lavish lifestyle filled with fine dining and fancy clothes. The euro is worth 1.38 US dollars.

French Geography

The French terrain is mostly flat plains or gently rolling hills in the north and west. The highest and lowest elevations in France are the Rhone River Delta at -2 meters (-6.56 feet) and Mont Blanc at 4800 meters (15,748 feet). Some French natural resources are coal, iron, zinc, uranium, potash, gold, fish, and timber. These are also exports and imports. French natural hazards are flooding and avalanches. in 1999, major forest damage happened because of acid rain.
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French Political Geography

France is divided into 21 regions. These are subdivided into 96 departments which are divided into 329 arrondissements (districts). This is further divided into 3,879 cantons (subdivisions), these are dived again into 36,568 communes (townships).

French Celebrations

A major French holiday is Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille during the French revolution. Another major holiday is Mardi Gras which is French for "fat Tuesday". Because of the practice of eating fatter and richer foods. Mardi Gras has become an international holiday spreading to major cities like New Orleans and Rio de Janeiro. French Food heavily influenced Italian cuisine. French food is very centered around bread. Some famous french delicacies are crêpes, croissants, and escargot.
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French Government

The government of France is a semi-presidential system. The government is divided into three parts: Executive, Judicial, and Legislative branches. France has two heads of state, the president and the prime minister. All laws are based on a civil code developed during the Napoleonic era. The government has separated the church from the state. Because of many wars the government has granted freedom of religion helping further diverse the French culture. France is both a founding member of the UN and NATO. The current leader. Of France is François Hollande.

Above is the French population density map

Below is a physical map of France
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French language

French is an italic language descending from the Roman empire. It is spoken in many countries such as Canada, Hati, and Algeria. Language experts estimate that by 2060 the French language will reach 1 billion users. French is the official language of 29 countries worldwide.

French education

The French education system consists of three levels. Primary education, Secondary education, and Higher education. There are three degrees recognized by the board of education in France. Bachelor, Masters, and Doctorate. The literacy rate in France is 99% overall. And the education budget is 64 billion euros.