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Serbia and Montenegro

Yugoslavia was a nesteled country in southeastern Europe. but why has it dissolved? Well ever since the break up of Yugoslavia, in 1992, things have gone over the edge quite a bit. Yugoslavia became split into several countries, and more want to be created. When the war of Kosovo happened back in 1999, Kosovo wanted to become an independent nation while Serbia wanted to keep Kosovo.Serbia seems to be doing the same thing as Yugoslavia did back in the early 1990s. Kosovo has been an independent region for 6 years. The economy has gone extreme since the breakup. The government doesn't seem to be the same since Serbia and Montenegro split up in 2006. The olympics of 1984 took place in current day Bosnia Hertzogvina, the mountains in Serbia are beautiful! it's a great place to go hiking and camping!


Spain is a great country. Your a Parlimentary Democracy! You have the greatest representation in the parliament! The country was in a recession from 2008-2013, thank god that's over! The European Market has been making improvment since then. The unemplyment of Spain has risen from 8 percent in 2007 to around 25 percent in 2013! So it's a great oportunity to create new jobs in this country. So come on over to Spain and straighten things out a bit! It's a great place to visit! It has a very diverse lifestyle.


Ukraine is a country that was created in 1991, when Soviet Russia gave independence to Ukraine. Ever since the breakup of Russia, Ukraine has been facing some challenges that protesters are demanding for a systematic change. According to the Washington Post, Ukranian Politicans go on the street expressing the demand for a straight government, but it turns out others are rejecting a demand for a straight political power. Victor Yanukovych, wants to follow Russia's order, and wants the people to deal with it themselves. Culturally mosaic.

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