Which Fusion Blade to buy?


Fusion blades are fast become all the rage when it comes to men’s personal grooming products. Gillette is the world’s leading brand of these shaving products, and has continually produced different types of blades to meet the needs of different people. Fusion blades are manufactured by Gillette and the online market is flooded with them. This presents the challenge of buying cheap yet genuine fusion blades. There are however a few things one needs to note in order to differentiate between a counterfeit blade and a genuine blade.

Which Fusion Blade to buy?

This is the first question one needs to ask themselves. There are two types of fusion blades in the market:

• Manual fusion blades that are operated manually and need no power connection to work.

• Powered fusion blades that are electrically powered thus needing some electric connection for them to work.

These two types will have other subtypes in them, such as Gillette fusion pro-glide or fusion with 8 or 16 cartridges. The prices of each will vary, with the manual being much cheaper than the powered by around 2 dollars. You can compare the prices online since most of the blade’s prices are always shown.

Tips to buying Cheap Fusion Blades

This is the most difficult part when it comes to buying online. It has been reported that there are counterfeit Gillette products on major online stores as well as smaller online stores. For you to get value for your money, keep in mind the following tips.

• The packaging may look good enough, but you won’t be able to tell whether it is fake or genuine. You may thus have to wait till you get the product so as to thoroughly check the blade, which is inconveniencing. Thus, buy the fusion blade from stores that have a money back guarantee, or a return policy.

• Check the blade for serial numbers. Gillette produces serial numbers or IDs for most of their products, Fusion blades included. It is normally etched behind the blade under the frame on either side of the blade, such that you have to look closely to see it. If no number is available, it probably is counterfeit.

• Fake blades have a poor quality which is very visible; you will notice that the metal and plastic parts have defects which indicate the poor production standards that were used to make the blades.

• The alignment of the blades is irregular in fake fusion blades while real ones have a straights alignment.

Cheap is most always expensive, but with cheap fusion blades, following the above mentioned tips will help you avoid landing on fake fusion blades.

How to pick the best one

The manual blades are always cheaper than the powered ones. You will find the manuals come with 2 and up to 16 cartridges. Choosing which one of these best suits you will depend with your shaving experience as well as how close a shave you need.

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