The Phone

The Wonders Of Tomorrow ; Today

Who Invented the Telephone

Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci were the main people who invented the Telephone (phone)

When The Telephone Was Invented

The Telephone (phone) was invented on March 10, 1876

How does this technology work?

How it works is by socializing and and by letting us communicate and helping us send messages to far distances

How has it impacted our society?

The phone has impacted our society by greatly increasing ours important

How do we use it today?

How we use a phone today is by communicating and helping us send messages in a far distance and we could also talk your family or friends which is socializing.

How does it help people communicate today?

It helps us communicate by sending long messages quickly across great distances.

Are there any fall backs to using this technology?

There are minor fall backs such as having to pay to make calls.. but this is now somewhat irrelevant

In your opinion, how effective is this technology (Scale of 1-10 )

8\10 because it greatly improves society but still has caused many deaths because some people text while driving which can be a really bad accident, and can take more lives than just your own but can help us again by telling friends or family a message