Dueling Discount Quiz

Math 402: Prealgebra

1. $20 off vs. 20% off

Between the $20 off coupon and the 20% off coupon, the $20 off coupon is what I will actually use because it's a lot cheaper when taking $20 off the original price. When using the 20% off coupon, it's still going to be expensive for some prices.
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$20 Off Coupon

$26.99 - Batmobile

-$20 - Coupon


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20% off coupon

$42.99 - original price

5 - 20% off coupon

= 8.50

$42.99 - original price

- $8.50 - discount


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2. Coupon Comparison

When using the $20 off coupon, it simply takes $20 off from the original price. For example, take the Converse shoes' original price, $39.99. Then take away $20 from $39.99 and end up with $19.99. Some people find it useful because it's cheaper than actually buying the item(s) with the original price.

When using the 20% off coupon, some items are still expensive but worth the price, even for the most expensive prices like this nightstand. Take the original price and divide by 5 (20% off). $89.99 divided by 5 is $17.99. Then, subtract $89.99 and $17.99 and end up with $72.

3. Use of "$x off" and "x% off" coupons

For some item(s) that are under $50 like the converse shoes and the batmobile, I'll use the "$x off" so it can be cheaper than using the "x% off." When using the "x% off," on the other hand, it can be money's worth but it is still going to be expensive for items like the CD music boombox. Take $79.99 and divide by 5, which equals to 17.99. Then take the original price again and subtract from 17.99, and end up with $68.
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