Stuff Matters

By: Nico Tarango

Basic Summary

In the book “Stuff Matters” by Mark Miodownik, he explains everyday materials, like “Why is glass see-through?” It helps readers realize that everyday things although they may seem simple are very complex. His main message is that humans are the product of a vast material wealth, we even have ages named after materials. The book keeps readers interested because it is educational and entertaining.

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My Opinion

I found the book stuff matters to be very entertaining, but throughout the book it began to get a little repetitive which can turn some readers away. He takes an interesting perspective on science which is what i found most entertaining. By looking into the backgrounds of daily items he makes you think more about your surroundings. All of the stuff he talks about is man made and he shows the background of how it evolved into what it is today. “It is an odd fact that steel was not understood by science until the twentieth century.”

How it Connects to our Class

Throughout the book he explains what makes up materials. A good example is how he describes razors. "The average razor blade contains billions of them" in this quote he is talking about metal crystals and how they are made up of billions of atoms, and how razors are made up of billions of metal crystals. By making you look deeper into everyday objects he educates you on what they are made of and how they came to be.
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Video Connection

This video connects well to the book, because it shows also how humans have created and innovated throughout history.