By: Katie Charest

"The Giraffe and the Monkey"

One day there was a monkey that wished there was an easier way to get to the tallest tree in the jungle. He decided to go to Mark the tallest giraffe in the jungle. The monkey came up and startled Mark while he was eating leaves. Mark turned around to a monkey with a devious smile. The monkey said, " What will it take for you to get me to the top of the tallest tree in the jungle?" Mark remembered that the monkey had a stash of leaves in and he needed them for food. Mark told the monkey, " I will take ten leaves for one trip up the tree." The monkey agreed and up the tree he went up the tree with the help of Mark.

An hour later Mark walked up to the stump of the tree and said," Okay monkey it's time to come down now, I need my leaves to eat." The monkey yelled back," I'm never coming back down!" The giraffe swore karma on the monkey and walked away. The monkey didn't believe him. He should of though because later that day a snake was slithering in the tree and the monkey couldn't get down from the tree. The snake gobbled him up and that was the end of the monkey.


Keep your promises or something bad will happen to you.