Gun Control Laws are Needed !

People have the right to protect themselves .

Join us today . Help us get more Gun Control Laws.

There should be more laws for gun control because people out here are taking advantage of it. Some people think it's a game of killing people. We need more gun control because people should have the right to own a gun to keep them protected.

People should have more control .

People should have more gun control because some people take advantage of it by killing innocent kids and families. Some people are crazy because so many people die from stuff like this happening . There is to many deaths 464,033 total gun deaths. There needs to be more rights and gun control for this because people need to stop doing what they think is okay .

Total of deaths

Gun violence has a lot of total deaths. There is to many violence, injuries, and deaths from gun violence. Some people have problems and some don't but they do take advantage of it . There is way to much "gun violence" in America. Some people should have the right to own a gun for there own protection .

Gun control vs self control

Some people deserve to own a gun for their own protection and safety . But for gun control I think we need more laws for it because some crazy people take the advantage and take it to another level . Some people should have the gun control reduced because it get's out of hand by taking someone's life. There is so American's lives that get taken from a bullet.

Gun rights

People have the right to bear arms . Yes, there should be more rights for this and for some kind of safety. But only if these people sign a paper knowing that they won't take a innocent life . Some people deserve a gun and well some don't because they don't take thing's serious. There should be more "GUN LAWS" . Some states should not allow you to own a gun because of how bad this society is and what some people are capable of .
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