A Lonely Heart

In search of my other half...

Diplopoda (dipləˈpōdə): Millipedes

(That's me.)

Where to Find Me...

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 9pm

Under a Damp Log

Now that you're interested, you might as well know my habitat. I reside in cool, damp places like under rocks or logs.

I might even be hanging out with my close relative, Chilopoda. (Centipedes)


I have simple eyes, but sometimes none. I think it works well with my style.

I have one pair of antennae and chewing mouth parts. My body is long and segmented with two legs per segment. I think it's nice.

I usually come in brown or black.

Significant Points

I have a vast array of bacteria within my digestive system. They specialize in the types of food I eat: plants and decaying matter.

I reproduce much like many other animals, sexually. Asxeual reproductions does not occur.

Humans don't seem to care for me much. I secrete a foul odor when alarmed, and that keeps them at bay.