The Thirteen Colonies

Nevan,Gaven,Caitlin,Allison,Bailey, Jack

the souhtren colonies

1. Maryland 1634 Sir George Carvery
2. Virgina 1607 John Smith
3.North Carolina 1653 Sir Walter Raleigh
4. South Carolina 1663 King Charles 2 of England
5.Georgia 1732 George 2

why the founding of the colonies

the people who founded the middle colonies were looking to practice their own religion(pennsylvania mainly) or to marre money. the first permant settlement in north america was th english colony at Jamestown in 1607,in what is now virgina.

geogrohical features

new England colonies: Rhode island is mostly woodlands. Connecticut: mountainous, the elevation decreases. Massachusetts: mountainous with valleys. new Hampshire: moutious also. all states are cold, and are good because the cold enviroment stops diseases. and the cold is bad because it kills people during the winter. middle colonies: deleware: flat, coastal land. Pennsylvania Mauritians. new jersey: hills, or plains. new york: mountainous. the middle colonies are advantage temperatures.


the role the relgious played was very important to the people and they thought it was should be a daily event. it lasted all day.
Plymouth religious freedom for separatists
Massachusetts bay religious freedom for puritanism
Connecticut religious freedom for economic
rhode island religious
Pennsylvanian religious freedom for quarterstaves and profiterole: doesn't matter what religon
virgina: just wanted to survive didn't care
new york:just wanted profits any religon
new Hampshire: did not want religon delaware: did not matter north carolina: did not matter south carolina: did not mattered new jersy: wanted profits any religon georgia:wanted small colony not much religion the new England colony was very strict and religious.
they wanted a god to worship the middle colonist had mixed religon . it did not matter what religon they had. they did not go against or not let you in the colony if your different religon.
the southern colonist had mixture of religions. there was only 2. the 2 religions they had was baptist and Anglicans.