The Charming Nest Update!

July 2014

What A Month!

As you may have found, the summer months can be lower in sales. On the flip side, many of you are growing your businesses through sharing the love! And really, how could we not. We have such an amazing opportunity to share, and recruiting only helps us both. Sharing the love can allow you to fulfill the mission statement of O2!

This month also included CONVENTION! We had an amazing time in Phoenix. A gorgeous event. They did so much for us and gave us so much! It was great to see the heart of the company and meet so many people from the Nest. Next year convention will be in CHICAGO! We invite you all to start saving now to come along to this unforgettable event!

August-September TCN Incentive!

TOP PV'ers!

1. Bobbi Shepp - 1986 --- WOW! AND she was #1 for Sparkling Hooters - a team of over 800 designers! Way to go, Bobbi! We are proud of you.

2. Tara Lynn Zschokke - 971

3. Andi & Kery Rogers - 815

4. Marjie Volbrecht - 506

5. Noelle Collins - 333

welcome to the nest!

We are so excited to have you all on our team!

Marjie Volbrecht - joined 6/10 with Mentor Noelle Collins

Bethany Clearly - joined 6/6 with Mentor Tara Lynn Zschokke

Joanna Jones - joined 6/21 with Mentor Christina Gurske

tcn august-september team incentive!

We are going to have a RAFFLE for the brand new Origami Owl Mobile Jewelry Bar! This case is amazing. Perfectly designed for our lockets, chains, charms, and dangles. :) You are going to LOVE it! And it looks so professional.

Here's the scoop:

  • For every 500 PV that you earn from August 1st-September 31st, you will get one entry.
  • For every recruit you bring on that goes active (99PV) you will get THREE entries!

Anyone who joins our team from now until then will be able to join in the fun as well.

Now is the perfect time to start scheduling jewelry bars and getting customers excited about the new line... besides... CHRISTMAS is coming! :)

Team Leaders

Loretta Stoeckmann

Tara Lynn Zschokke

Leading Designers

Autumn Rance

Noelle Collins

Sara Noeske


Celebrating with our Owl Sisters:

Andi Rogers

Christina Gurske

Bobbi Shepp

Tara Lynn Zschokke

Origami Owl Team Leader & Mentor #9366384