The Pueblo Revolt

By Louis Schriver and Jack Hiwiller

What Happened?

In 1680, the pueblo tribes, plus other southwestern tribes United to rebel against the Spanish Crown's oppression. Under the lead of "Popé", the groups formed a confederation banding together to regain their freedom. This revolt consisted of other tribes over than pueblo groups as well such as The Navajo, Utes and Apache. The reason for the revolt was due partially to the fact that the pueblos disliked Christianity and felt that their culture was going to disappear, as well as the fact that the Spanish had the encomienda system in effect, in which the pueblos were enslaved. the revolt regained control for 12 years until in 1692, the Spanish conquistadoors re-conquered the territory, under different circumstances. The new group sought out the pueblos as possible allies instead of focusing on trying to "Christianize" them. The alliance never happened, but the Naitive Indians were mainly ignored mused as a buffer zone between France's terrifitory as a first line of defense. Their culture is still going strong, and they are still on the same land they took back years ago.

What did it Signify?

This event signifies that a group of people, even an unlikely pairing such as this, are able to unite to take down a common foe, even for this short time. The Pueblos stood up for their rights and religion and have been successful as all of the tribes are living in areas roughly in the same area since before the colonization.

What did it achieve?

The rebellion achieved to live their lives the way they wanted to. The pueblo didn't achieve full independence from Spain because the didn't drive them out but they were able to make it so they don't have to live their lives the way the Spanish have been making the live in the past.

Was The pueblo revolt america's first revolution?

I think that the pueblo revolt does qualify as america's first revolution. First of all, groups United for a common cause similar to the colonies uniting under congress. Popé was a leading figure similar to George Washington or Ben Franklin. They succeeded in driving the Spanish out, but unlike the treaty and surrender at Yorktown, the Spanish decided to try to recapture the land in another 10 years. Overall, yes, was america's first revolution.