Princess Diaries

By: Meg Cabot A realistic fiction


i would reccomend this because it is funny and coool


In the begining there was a girl named Mia Thermopolis. he doesn't really think she is that pretty just because she looks wierd. She is invisible at her school except for her friend Lilly and Lilly's brother Michael which she has a crush on.


In the middle of the story her dad comesand he has big news for her which will change Mia's life forever. It turns out that Mia is the princess of a small European country called Genovia. She is in total shock when she relizes it and everyone in the world to. It turns out someone told a news reportefr that Mia Thermopolis is a heir of a country called Genovia. When she thinks everyone is going to make fun of her the most popular girl in school that hated Mia before is talking to her like they've been best friends. Unfortunately the popular girl's boyfriend broke up with her to go to the dance with Mia. Mia was in total shock and she didn't know what to say, but ever since Mia and Lily got in a fight things haven't been so grate to each other.


When it is time for the dance they are a little late, but when it is time for her to get out of the car the guy she who asked her out named Josh kissed her with everyne watching including the press which she hated. When she stormed inside everyone was staring at her and she started crying, but when her friends help her out including Lilly she was so happy because she got to hang out with her friends for the rest of the night. She even got to hang out with Michael which she has a crush on and he has a crush on her, but they do not know they have a crush on the other. Then Mia went over to Lilly's house and she felt all better.
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Lilly Moscovitz

One character from the story is Lilly Moscovitz. She is a friend of Mia that always stands by her no matter what.A flaw she has is she is controlling to Mia and Mia does not like that. Something good about her is that she is a good friend to Mia. SHe grew as a person by her helping Mia threw a rough time. Her personality is Very smart and over thinks obsticles in life.

The dad

The dad is a stern man who is afraid of his mom. SOme flaws he has is that he pushes Mia to much.Something good about him is that he helps and tries to protect mia. HE grew as a person by him letting Mia stay.

The mom

The mom is very artisic and she loves Mia down to her hear5t. Somoe flaws she has is that she is to protective of Mia. She is very good to her daughter in everyway. She grew as a peron by letting her goout with a boy.


Mia is a very strong and intelligent girl who loves helpping animals and children. She thinks to much about her and doesn't think she is pretty. She is good because she loves to help. She grew by her ganning more confidece.