Infrared Light

Dacey H. & Devan D.

Infrared Light

Do you know what infrared light is? Infrared light is light that we can't see but our bodies can feel it. It was discovered in the 1800's by Sir Frederick William Herschel. It is divided into three parts near, mid-, and far infrared. The wavelength is .75 to 1mm. The frequency of this wave is 300 GHz (Giga-hertz) to 405 THz (Tera-hertz). Infrared light benefits humans by:night vision, missile tracking, heating, therapy, and thermal imaging communication. Also infrared can be bad for humans: burns, irritation to the skin, low blood pressure, eye damage, and dehydration. Infrared light is helpful and dangerous to us.
Amazing Science - What is Infrared Light?

Sir Frederick William Herschel

He discovered infrared light.

Fun fact: he also discovered the planet Uranus.

NASA Red Light therapy & Near Infrared Therapy on cancer.