ITP 2013

Year Long Travels Through Technology

ITP Program

During 11 days of training, participants will acquire skills to effectively integrate technology into their curriculum. Instruction is centered around the Washington State Educational Technology Standards in the areas of Innovate, Collaborate, and Investigate and Think Critically. Participants will learn strategies of how to reach Tier 3 on the Technology Integration into Classroom Indicators as stated by OSPI.

ITP Will Transform Your Classroom!

Integrating technologies lead to a creative adaptation of multiple intelligences bringing in third-tier thinking skills, energizing the curriculum and infusing enthusiasm!

The Instructors are the Best and the Brightest

Guaranteed to be relaxing and fun!

Frequently asked questions

What is the time commitment?

5 days over the summer of immersion training at the Sleeping Lady
3 follow-up weekends; October, February, and April (Friday evening and all day Saturday)
54 clock hours or 5 credits
A variety of assignments due during the summer and throughout the year.

What if technology makes me nervous?

Instructors are patient and experts at differentiating instruction.