School Activities

Important Dates and Times to Remember

To Cicero SDA Elementary Parents and Students

There are a number of activities which our school is involved in these next few weeks. I hope you will put this note somewhere where you can remember them - your refrigerator, bulletin board, somewhere.

This weekend is the Journey to Bethlehem on both Saturday and Sunday evenings. You won't want to miss this! A number of our families are involved in this. It is always such a treat to go on this "journey". Bring all your friends and relatives! The weather looks as though it is going to cooperate and be milder than some years even.

December 12th, a week from this Saturday night is NIGHT OF HOPE at the Cicero Church. This is always a very special evening. The entire community gets together for this. Our students are part of the program. They sing the very special Silent Night song with the IA Academy choir, and the chimes are playing also. It begins at 7:00 p.m. Students need to arrive 15 minutes early, and be in their seat by 6:50. The dress is black and white, as for the Thanksgiving program. There is a rehearsal for this program next Wednesday, during the school day which your student/s will be a part of. The program is televised, so it is important that we all know when to be where.

December 10th, this coming Thursday, our 7th and 8th grade class will be on a field trip from early until late.

On December 17th, a Thursday, our students will be spreading joy to our community in one way or another. Different classes will be doing different things. We will need drivers/helpers. Watch for notes from the teacher.

December 18th, a Friday, is our last day before break. It is a 12:00 noon dismissal day.

Watch for an information from your child's teacher concerning this day.

Please keep up with your child's schoolwork. Watch for the "missing work" sheets coming home. With so many things going on, it would be a shame for the grades to fall because of work that didn't get turned in! Also, remember that late work does not carry the full value of work turned in on time. Talk with your child's teacher if you have questions or concerns about anything. We are here to be of help.

This time of year does get busy, as well as sometimes stressful for all of us. Let's focus on the "Reason for the Season", and teach our children and young people to do the same. May this Christmas season bring moments to remember in the coming years.

Please pray for the Lord's continued blessing on our little school.


Mrs. Olson