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Coach Lewis~ Physics 2015-16

Dear Parents,

We are through the Christmas Break! With the beginning of the new year comes the beginning of a new semester and the opportunity to set new goals for ourselves. I have asked the students in class to set themselves some "New Years Resolutions" for this semester in order to set some goals for themselves. If you have an opportunity, you may want to see what goals they wrote down!

I would like to take this opportunity to review some expectations for the class, as I know it has been quite a while since receiving their syllabus!

  • Grades: Last semester I was very lenient on accepting late work. I wanted to provide each student with ample time to adjust to the speed and the high expectations of the course. Your students did great! There were growing pains but they are all doing very well. So, now I will be reverting back to the original grading policy as stated and late work will have points deducted per day that it is late. On the first day late, there will be 20 points deducted and then an additional 10 points every day following. This is for many reasons: it is going to help them stay organized and it is to help me as well. I was receiving too many last minute papers at the end of the grading period last semester. This will help me to update grades more quickly and more frequently and will help to rid them of those unnecessary zeroes in the grade-book due to missing assignments.
  • Absences: I know that the spring semester brings so many activities. Which is great! I love to see the students so involved in their school functions. As the handbook states, if a student misses my class they are allowed one day to make up their missing work. With that being said, I cannot seek your student out to give out missing work because it is very difficult to keep up with it all. I have tasked the students with the responsibility of getting their missing work, which is found in a folder near the door. If they have any further questions they are more than welcome to ask me during homeroom, tutorials, or if there is extra time after class. If you wouldn't mind helping me to remind your students to pick it up that would be great!
  • Tutorials: I do not have after school practice at this moment. So I am available for tutorials after school Monday-Wednesday!

I hope that everyone had a restful and relaxing break, or that you were able to take a break! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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"Start by doing what's necessary, then do what's possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible." --Francis of Assisi

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