Reform Prison/Asylum Policy

Ethan Yee

They Need Your Support

Currently the sick and insane are facing brutal and unjust treatment including:
  • Confinement to cages, closets, cellars, or stalls
  • Restraint to walls in chains, being bound hand to foot in chains
  • Abuse with rods and lashings
  • Restraint to beds with buckles and clasps
  • Negligence
  • No attempt to be cured
With no attempt at reformation the lives of the innocent will continue to be treated poorly in contempt. As a whole we can offer better conditions to these people and even a chance at being cured. Gentlemen, I commit to you this sacred cause. Your action upon this subject will affect the present and future condition of hundreds and of thousands. In this legislation, as in all things, may you exercise that "wisdom which is the breath of the power of God."