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Christmas in Norway.

In Novemeber the Norwegian government cuts of taxes November to December. So the country can save money for christmas and New Years.

Population in Norway.

Norway had 4,908, 100 inhabitants in September 2010 and, expected to pass 5 million people in March of 2012. Norway is home to 4.5 million people. 333.000 approximately are non-nationals. Of whom are the largest groups are, Swedish, British, Danish, German, Polish, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Turkish, Sri Lankan, Somalia and Indian.

The water in Norway

All natural and running water in Norway is safe to drink. The water in Norway is good for swimming, its safe to swim in Norway. Although you should be carefull when you go for a swim in Norway close to factories.

How a big discovery changed Norway.

Oil was found on the coast of Stavanger Norway of the year 1969. Norway is the third largest oil exporter in the world! Over 75,000 people are directly involved with Norway’s petroleum industry.

Some hallmarks of the Norwegian culture.

Some of these foods are traditional foods in Norway, smoked salmon, lutefish ( cfish that looks and smells like rotting gelatin)  And stave churches, bunad ( Norways national costume) 17 of May ( Norways National day) Midnight sun ( In the summer in Norway the sun never sets). Those are some of the hallmarks ok the Norwegian culture.
Walkin' in the Wind: People blown over in streets as Storm Ivar hits Norway