Come Live in Reinbow!

By: Kerrigan Hatch 7B

Why live in Reinbow?

People in Reinbow are very nice & kind. They believe in freedom, democracy, and low taxes. We are known for the best Mac 'N' Cheese in the entire world, and also known for our sports. We made it all the way to national volleyball last year! Our education is completely free, all the way through college and any other schooling/ classes.
USA Women's Volleyball World Championships vs CHINA [Finals] Highlights
World Championships 2014 (Highlights) [HD]

Living Conditions

The living conditions are great because it has the best doctor in the world. For the elders, there is assisted living. Many people make their income from farming, since there is such fertile land, but of course you can choose any career, most all professions are available.

Thank You & I Hope I've Convinced You to Come Live in Reinbow!!!