What?! We get a computer cart?

Bring your computer or iPad please!

Today's Purpose

The goal of this training is to:

  • establish cart maintenance
  • review expectations
  • review best practices with students
  • review digital citizenship
  • establish a point of contact (POC)


You will NEED your computer or iPad for this training. If you have an iPad, please add the NearPod app to it prior to your session (it is free and you can always remove it).

---> NearPod <---


All team members (including Special Educators, Paras, and Support Teachers) MUST attend a training before the cart will be released to your team.

Sites used or recommended for this training:

S'more - The document you are currently looking at was created on S'more.

NearPod - Today's presentation was created on this.

Symbaloo - An easy way to create, change, and save a list of websites you want students to use (think bookmarks).

Wixie - HCPSS is paying for this site. It is an web-based program that can be used many ways. Ask KJG about it.

Mii Generator - This was used to create our 'pictures' above.