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The Final Countdown

Last Test

Our final test of the unit and the 4th and final test of the marking period is going to be on Thursday the 24th instead of our usual Friday. Scores were outstanding last week and I expect scores to be even higher for the final test. Remember, low scores will be dropped and replace by the highest math test score of the 4 that is in HARMONY.

Success is earned...If your child has not received a passing score on any of 3 graded tests they have taken, have you:

  • Watched your child view the teaching videos on Canvas?
  • Sat with your child and reviewed graded practice math packets?
  • Quizzed your child on the names and rules of the math packets?
  • Tracked your child's progress by checking each test packet and reviewing the missed problems?
  • Reviewed the packet answer keys I have uploaded to Canvas with your child?

HERE is an example of what you should see your child studying each week.

Kids in the Club

Students below have earned an 90% or better on at least one of the last 3 graded tests! They are mastering the skills that we have been covering this unit and their hard work is paying off.

  • Eli Carr
  • Sarah Everett
  • Mella Neace
  • Jakob Petersheim
  • Covin Ray
  • Hannah Prather
  • Jarrett Richey
  • Kalyn Sebastian
  • Jamaica Harmon
  • Brooklyn Stidham
  • Hunter Akemon
  • Tanner Brown
  • Hailey Christoff
  • Elise Coleman
  • Mia Collins
  • Tierra Combs
  • Abby Doriot
  • Jaime Dry
  • Mason Gluck
  • Kirsten Hood
  • Emily Justice
  • Lauren Mayer
  • Lara McGlothlin
  • Tyson Moore
  • Hannah Smith
  • Ian Tatlock
  • Zach Vickers
  • Lily Walsh
  • Brooklyn Watts
  • Caitlyn Bannister
  • Jacob Graham
  • Lane Hancock

We also have many students in the "B" range that are hoping to make it to the club on Thursday's Test. Fingers Crossed!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask...

Mr. Carter