Spring 2017

Coming in May--

Monday, May 8th, 10am-12pm

Media Center, Springfield Public School, 12 South Burns , Springfield, MN 56087

Book Fair will return in May. Anyone is welcome to purchase. Students will be using their AR points to buy BOOKS during this fair. Watch for more information and specific dates as the event gets closer.



Note; Lots of Pictures Follow this Narrative--you might be there too!!!

Special Guest--

We were so lucky to have special guest Tyler Marz-Tennessee Titans--stop in during his football off season and talk to us. He remembers the times that he spent in the media center when he was in school and remembers signing his intent to play with Wisconsin in the media center as well. The students and teachers that were lucky enough to be able to visit with him were impressed with his success. Thanks, Tyler. Check the pictures below.

College Speech--

The students have gained a new vibe on speeches. They will remember that speeches are designed for the audience. All the background work is completed and now they are starting presentations. They will again be working with the administration to establish a time for their group speeches to the junior high. A number of subject areas have been brainstormed and the groups have established their communication groups.

English Classes

Mrs. Brown's classes will be focusing on a book tasting. The plans are set up to showcase books that are available for students to read. From the tasting, the students will decide which book they will read.

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New Arrivals on MC Pinterest Page

Books that have newly arrived and are being prepared for check out are added to the Pinterest page. Links give information about the book and author. Books are added according to reading interest and genre.

4th Grade 40

The push is on to finish the challenge. Students are busy finding the books required for their assignments. It is great to see them interested and for them to get out of a rut by reading only one type of book.


The playaway device has been part of the media center for a few years now, but somehow gets lost in the stacks of books. There is a display that showcases the titles and just what the device does. Check it out! And, then, check it out!!!

Maker Space

Watch for new "stations" for any student to use your skills to make something, anything. The Legos will be out and about and there will be a new sign for you to help design and color for the media center.


No David!! is the new floor puzzle and there were skills "puzzles for Dr. Seuss' birthday as well. And there are always new and exciting book marks.

Search Skills Without Google!!

Grty is our new research assistant and she is just so happy to have given a brand new book to both Dylan and Tyler for finding the answers to her questions and for writing down where that answer came from. And they did it all without the help of Google. There is another question about St. Patrick's Day out now, so be sure to get your answer and your source on the slip of paper and help Grty out. She gets mighty lonely by herself.

Bean Bag Surgery

The beloved and popular bean bags are starting to show their wear and tear. They are busting out all over!! Some have had much needed patches to their rips. Here is what the bean bags have to say:

1. We don't like surgery!!

2. It hurts when our "stuffing" pops out.

3. Please don't jump and pounce on us!!! It causes our seams to rip and our guts to come out--How would you like that???

4. You can sit on us, recline on us, rest on us, read on us but don't PICK our stitches.

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