Normangee MS Family Newsletter

November 30, 2022

From Mr. Wingfield


I hope everyone had a restful break and it was great to see all of our students come back safely. On Monday they were still in sleep mode, which made the campus very quiet. I am happy to report that by Wednesday they are back into MS student mode again. They rebound quickly. We have a quick 3 weeks and then we are off again for Christmas break. Unbelievable how this semester has flown by.

A quick reminder that if you plan to travel over Christmas break, please do not make plans during scheduled school days. We are funded based on daily attendance and we lose that funding when students are not here in school. This is also a short 6 weeks and teachers are working to make sure they go over as much information as possible and it is important that our students are here to receive it.

This semester we have had some concerns with damaged or missing chromebooks as well as some non-school related use. At the MS we are in the process of transitioning to classroom sets of chromebooks. This will alleviate a lot of concerns since they will never leave the classroom and will be managed by the classroom teacher. We understand there may still be a need for some students to have computers at home so if that is the case they will be able to check them out in the main office on a daily basis, and they must be returned the next day. We have also installed a new network monitoring system that allows us to make sure chromebooks are being used appropriately. This new program will help us by blocking even more potentially dangerous sites as well as making sure students are safe and having appropriate conversations through approved channels. Please help us by reminding your students that the chromebooks need to be used only in a manner that is educational and within the technology use guidelines.

Basketball season is underway and we love that you and your students come and support our athletes. Please use only supportive dialogue with players, coaches, and referees. We would also appreciate you and our students sitting on the appropriate side, home when we are at home and visitor side when we play at another site. Thanks for your cooperation.

As we wrap up the three week grading period it is important that students get all of their work in promptly. This period will determine eligibility for anyone that may have failed last 6 weeks.

Starting tomorrow we will be celebrating 12 days of Christmas with our teachers. We would love for the students to participate. Please see the document below in order for students to know how to dress each day. Please make sure all attire is still in dress code.

Please check below for new information for REMIND for MS Teachers. Along with parent portal, REMIND can be used to get information on assignments in your students classes. I am receiving these from teachers little by little so all teachers may not be listed below.

If there is any other information you would like to receive through the MS Newsletter, please feel free to email me at

As always, if I can help in any way please let me know.

Jared Wingfield

12 Days of Christmas Dress up Days

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Upcoming Dates

MS Basketball @ Burton, December 5 (Venue Change)

7th Girls 4:30

8th Girls 5:30

7th Boys 6:30

8th Boys 7:30

MS Basketball @ Somerville, December 12

8th Girls 5:30
7th Boys 6:30
8th Boys 7:30

Band Christmas Concert, December 15 @ 6:30 in the auditorium. This will follow the Elementary School Christmas Program

December 15-Early Release Day

December 16-Early Release Day

Christmas Break December 19-January 2

MS Basketball at home vs Mumford, January 5

7th Boys 4:30
8th Boys 5:30
8th Girls 7:00

Computer Use Reminders

NISD currently provides each student at NMS a chromebook computer to use for classroom assignments. Currently, we have many computers that have been turned in as damaged due to students not caring for them properly. Please remind your students that these computers belong to NISD and have been loaned to them. Any student that damages a computer is responsible for those damages. We also have students that are taking computers home at the end of school unnecessarily. As a reminder, students can take computers home ONLY if they have an academic need, but they must be checked out with a teacher. Our computer monitoring system indicates, though, that most students are not using them for academic use at home. If a students takes their computer home without checking it out, it could result in technology restrictions or other consequences. Please help us remind students to leave them at school where they are safer and can be charged overnight.

Thanks for your help

A Message from Officer Mordecai and Administration

School Safety is our priority! We welcome any parents to come to campus to meet with teachers, eat with their children, or meet with Leadership. Even though we know most of our visitors by name and face, everyone must continue to follow state and local policies. Please make sure you have an appointment and all visitors must check in at the front desk. Thanks for your cooperation.

From Mrs. Martin

The Capturing Kids Heart focus for December will be Responsibility

What is Responsibility?

Responsibility is the willingness and ability to take ownership of our thoughts, words, and actions. We have a responsibility to our school, family, and community to be accountable for our choices and how they impact ourselves and others.

Why focus on Responsibility?

  • Responsibility teaches resilience. It is not possible to persevere and achieve our dreams without taking personal responsibility seriously.
  • Responsibility empowers us to own our actions. There is great power in being able to make conscious, calculated choices to reach goals and manage those things in our control.
  • Responsibility teaches us to manage our time and resources. Responsibly organizing and prioritizing needs is an executive function of the brain that improves with practice.

Responsibility in Action:

  • Give students roles and responsibilities. When students have a leadership role in class, they are accountable for contributing positively to the classroom culture.
  • Empower students with self-management tools. Provide students with tools to help manage stress and impulsivity while motivating them to meet goals.
  • Clearly communicate consequences. Empower students to make choices and experience the consequences of their actions, both positive and negative.

From the Bus Barn

Please remind your students about continuing to show proper behavior on the buses. We want the bus ride home to reflect the same level of respect we expect in the school building. Disruptive behavior can distract our bus drivers and we want to make sure everyone behaves appropriately and everyone gets home safely.

Thanks for your support

Construction Updates

Construction has started on the NISD bond updates. Students may no longer use the doors at the back of the MS that go into the HS. Students must now walk through the front of the school and around to any classes they may have in band or the HS. This change is necessary in order to keep students out of the construction areas. Fencing has been put up around restricted areas and students and parents are reminded to stay out of these areas when on school campuses. Please help us out by staying in permitted areas and reminding your students to follow our construction guidelines. Thanks for your support as we improve our schools!

Mrs Kimich Remind Codes (Science)

Mrs Maxey (8th Grade Math)

Mrs Adams (6th Grade ELA and Social Studies)

Mrs Penry

Mrs Penry is also asking for donations in order to help stock books for our library. See the Community of Readers QR code below
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Paper Tutoring Program

The district has rolled out our PAPER tutoring program. Our English classes are currently making sure all students can log in and understand how to utilize this great resource. Students may use PAPER to get 24/7 tutoring at home and at school. Parents can also use in order to help students with their homework. Please remind your students at home to use this tool when they are needing extra support with homework.
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Middle School Athletic Schedules

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