By Dominika Mac

Can Bullying be prevented from schools?

Yes, schools can prevent bullying by teaching kids what bullying is and teach them how to make better decisions.


The time between elementary and middle school is a time when kids are most confused about who they are, it is at this stage that most kids turn to aggression and bullying. An experiment was done to test if a bullying program would help stop bullying. They put group A students in a bullying program where it taught the students what bullying is and how to stop it. They also had group B, this was a control group, this group had no anti-bullying programs. The study found that students in group A, had less amount of bullying then the control group ( Jenson, Brisson, Bender and Williford, 2013).


According to Wilde, "Researchers are studying the role of the bystander and discovering just how crucial it can be in creating an emotionally healthy environment" (Wilde, 2007). Research has found that bystanders who try to stop the are extremely important in helping to stop bullying. This is helpful for students to learn because it can help them learn how to stop the bullying in their schools.


There are many states that have laws and rules in place for dealing with bullying. It is important to make sure the bullies understand their abusive behavior( Snakenborg, Acker and Gable) . Deeper investigation can help find the root of the abusive behavior. It is not only important to help the victim but also the bully.


Overall, Schools can prevent bullying by putting all students in a bullying program teaching them what bullying is and how it affects others. Schools in their bullying programs also should teach about by-standing to help stop bullying in their schools. If a student is caught being a bullying it it important for them to understand their abusive behavior and should be put in another bullying program.


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