Did You Know?

What's Happened Around the World in the Past 30 Years

Events in America

-James Monroe is elected the 5th president of the United States (1816)

-Missouri Compromise admits Maine and Missouri to balance the amount of free and slave states in the union (1820)

-President Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act into law (1830)

-Texas becomes the 28th state in the US (1845)

-The US declares war on Mexico (1846)

Events Around the World

-Napoleon, the leader of France, is defeated at the Battle of Waterloo (1815)

-Mexico gains its independence from Spain (1821)

-Louis Braille publishes a reading system for the blind (1829)

-Slavery is abolished in the British Empire (1833)

-The Opium War breaks out between China and Great Britain (1839)

The North and South Times