Hugo chaves


Freedom one of the words that comes to mind when I think about Venezuela, a beautiful South American country. Its people at peace and enjoying the freedom that the current president Nicolas Maduro, the president they’ve elected has provided. For the people and their country a typical day in Venezuela full of its beautiful people cheering remembering their beloved ex-president Hugo Chavez who the people and the now president look up to with admiration. Hugo Chavez who died of cancer was a Marxist Venezuelan politician who cared for the people their needs and many times would make the government give out plenty of food for its people divided equally and was a righteous man who was not in any way friends or in any way can be involved or associated with Cuban dictator Fidel Castro who is a part of the covet military and economic relations with the soviet union and Cuban missile crisis .times people try to stain Chavez’s name although he was an army general and a Marxists he was incapable of killing any innocent people or commanding his army to go against its own people and certainly not the current president of Venezuela. I believe that what makes this South American country like no other is its government and the complete trust and reliability that it provide for its people, it’s not a democracy or a republican county but the people live care free and in harmony if there has ever been a problem the media has surely helped them get heard and I’m sure other people from other places of the world do not need to get involve simply become this government Madero runs today has kept chive’s legacy and they allow the people to express freely. Today people march through the streets of Venezuela, people march in hopes of a better tomorrow for their country to progress and their kids to play in a better environment and believe in what they want to weather it is religion, government or be with who they want to be and so tomorrow generations don’t suffer or feel oppressed.

In Venezuela people are brain washed; their media is controlled by the government. If you were to talk to a person from Venezuela that is not against Chávez’s they truly do believe that their precedent was a great men and people today are marching in the streets of Venezuela and are getting killed while marching peacefully and while trying to defend themselves are shoot in the back of the head under the orders of Nicolas Maduro and this sounds a lot like big brother from the book 1984