Marvels of the Maori People

By Jon & Zack

Wars of the Maori People

  • Tensions began to rise in the 1840's when the British started settling in New Zealand.
  • 1860's: Maori Tribal people fight British forces when the British try and get the Maori to sell their land, so they [British] can expand their colony.
  • Most of the fighting that the Maori did was to protect their land from outsiders.

Legends of The Maori People

  • The Maori people created myths and legends to describe everyday events and natural phenomenons, such as how their island and the surrounding island appeared in the sea.
  • Below is one of the many myths that the Maori people had. Maui, a demigod, was fishing with his brothers. He used his magical fish hook to hook a fish (or what he thought was a fish), and tried to drag it onto their boat. He seemed to be having hard time, and eventually dragged something to the surface. Only it wasn't a fish, it was an island! Maui and his brothers fought over possession of the island, and their destructiveness from their battles created the features of the island.
  • Most the information we know now about Maori legends comes from European Missionaries that visited the area of the Maori people.

The Fish of Maui

Maori Gods

  • The Maori people also created/believed in gods to explain natural and everyday events, such as the formation of the world.
  • The Maori god Te Kore is where the accounts of creation usually start. The gods Te Pō (god of the night), and Te Ao Mārama (the god of light) evolved over eons of time.
  • Many Maori gods were said to have ruled certain parts of nature. For example Tawhirimatea was the god of wind and storms.