Lazzaro Spallanzani

The Study of Natural Phenomena

Spontaneous Generation of Microorganisms

  • Dispelled the idea that living creatures are created with nonliving materials
  • Used a boiling process to prove that microorganisms must come from living organisms
  • Louis Pasteur's experimentation with bacteria proved his ideas many years later
  • Aided in food preservation: heat sterilization and canning

Blood Pressure

  • Studied hen's eggs
  • Discovered arteriovenous network in warm-blooded animals
  • Blood pressure is an intentional pulse against the vascular walls

Other Studies


  • Began experimenting on frogs and toads
  • Eventually performed the first artificial insemination on a dog
  • Measured volcanic lava flow by getting within 5 feet of eruption
  • Pioneer in volcanology


  • Observed bats ability to maneuver in darkness
  • Tested the senses and discovered that hearing is their guide: echolocation
  • Donald Griffin later elaborated on echolocation
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