Blackhawk Bulletin

November 16, 2015

November 17th - Thanksgiving Holiday Meal

This year, third grade parents are invited and we are combining this with a Read to Achieve workshop from 10-11 AM. It would be great if staff could try to carpool on this day to leave plenty of parking for visitors.

Assistants will still provide supervision in the lunchroom. Please refrain from turning off the lights for silent time since parents will want to speak with their children during the special lunch. Please make special note of the items regarding some classes being asked to take their trays back to their classrooms if needed. See the lunch times below:

10:25 - Crayton

10:30 - Peters

10:35 - Brookshire (Thomas)

10:40 - Griffin (Henderson)

10:45 - Hamilton

10:50 - Yopp

*Depending on the numbers of seats needed for 3rd grade, the last few 2nd grade classes may need to take their trays back to the classroom.

11:00 - Bettilyon

11:10 - Szymanski

11:20 - Morton

11:30 - Hamlin

11:40 - Wilson

11:50 - Hyatt

12:00 - Lanning

12:05 - Webb

12:10 - Fields

12:15 - Ingle

12:20 - Shelton

*Depending on the numbers of seats needed for 3rd grade, the first few 4th grade classes may need to take their trays back to the classroom.

Please click here to vote on our new Staff SUPER HAWK!

Click on the title to vote on our new Staff SUPER HAWK. The deadline is November 19th.

HAWK Habit Leader - Student Recognition

Please have your students vote on the HAWK HABIT Leader from your classroom for Habit 5 Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood. We will recognize all grades on the morning announcements on November 19th.

School-Wide PLC Data Discussions - December 1 and 2

Lighthouse Team Plans for Habit Instruction and Action Teams

  • Lighthouse thought it would be motivating to play music as students enter the school in the morning. We tried outside but you couldn't hear the music. We will continue to play music in the lobby. The person on lobby duty should get the radio from behind the desk in the office and then return it after their duty is over. The CD has some songs that are louder than others so the volume will need to be adjusted as needed. Several students have already commented on how much they like the music in the mornings.
  • The pacing of Habit instruction that was developed over the summer is almost over. At the last meeting, this was revisited. Here is the update:
November 9 - November 20 - Synergize
November 23 - November 24 - Sharpen the Saw
November 30 - December 4 - Sharpen the Saw (continued)

December 7 - 18 - Find Your Voice

Then start 2 week rotation again in order to review and complete different activities.

January 4 - 15 - Be Proactive

January 20 - 29 - Begin with the End in Mind

February 1 - 11 - Put First Things First

February 15 - 26 - Think Win-Win

February 29 - March 11 - Seek First to Understand, Then to be Understood

March 14 - 24 - Synergize

April 4 - 15 - Sharpen the Saw

  • We have developed Leader in Me Action Teams in order to get some help with planning and decision making for our school. This is an opportunity for people who are not on the Lighthouse Team to be involved in the decision making process because everyone's opinions matter and are valued. We will make poster in that will hang in the main office for you to sign up for a team that you are passionate about. If you do not want to sign up, you do not have to but this is your chance to be involved with the direction our school is heading. Team chairs will schedule meetings and plan agendas. The current action teams are:
Training New Leaders/staff

Leadership Day April 2016

PBIS / Matrix / Discipline Revision

Student Data Notebooks

Building/Physical Environment

Teams will be limited to 6-8 team members so if you have a passion about one of these areas, make sure to sign up quickly!

Upcoming Events

  • November 16 - 3rd Grade Field Trip
  • November 17 - Thanksgiving Holiday Meal. Third grade parents are invited to attend. We will have a Read to Achieve Parent Meeting from 10-11 before lunch. An altered lunch schedule will be used to accommodate parents and special guests.
  • November 18 - Principals Meeting
  • November 18 and 19 - 2nd Grade Field Trip (1/2 one day and 1/2 the next). No Leaders Achieve Groups for 2nd Grade. ESL will serve the ESL children who are not on the trip no matter what 'level'.
  • November 19th - Title 1 Assistants will be at a training. We WILL still have Leaders Achieve. Title 1 Assistants will leave an independent activity for their groups to complete.
  • November 19 - Thankful for Christie - Blue Jean Day - donate at least $1 and wear jeans.
  • November 20 - FREE BLUE JEAN DAY - just because I appreciate you all!
  • November 23 and 24 - Thankful for Christie - Blue Jean Day - donate at least $1 and wear jeans.
  • November 24 - Day 22 of the 2nd Nine Weeks. We will send home midterms on Thursday, December 3rd.
  • November 24 - Principals Meeting
  • November 30 - Tammy English and Pam Shelton at a workshop (all day)
  • December 1 and 2 - School-Wide PLC Data Discussions in the PLC room.
  • December 3 - Midterms go home
  • December 3 - Dress Rehearsal for 2nd grade program at 1:00 PM.
  • December 3 - 2nd grade program at 6:30 PM
  • December 4 - Early Release Day and PTO provided Holiday Lunch for staff at 1:00 PM. Please bring a $10 'white elephant' gift if you wish to participate in a gift exchange.
  • December 8 - Leader in Me Parent Night facilitated by Michael Armstrong at 6:00 PM. Staff members do not need to attend, however, we DO need some people for childcare. Please let me know if you are available to help!
  • December 16 - Staff gathering at Margaret Tierney's home from 3:30-6 PM. Please bring your favorite appetizer to share! I hope we have a lot of people take advantage of this opportunity to be together. Some of our staff members commented about how little they knew about one another recently - so here is your chance!
  • December 17 - NBMS Band Tour at 1:30 in the Gym
Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students
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