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I recently made a major transition from high school in Kazakhstan to college in America. The transition hasn't been without bumps along the way, but God has remained faithful throughout. I have definitely seen his grace in the way that he has provided Christian friends and mentors that have encouraged me and helped me continue to pursue Christ. One of the ways that I am currently pursuing God is preparing to go on a summer outreach program with MK2MK. MK2MK is a part of CRU that is geared towards missionary kids (MKs). Every year they have a missions trip for MKs in high school, designed so that they kids can experience for themselves what their parents do.

I have been on two missions trips with MK2MK—two years ago I went to South Africa, and two years before that, I went to Ethiopia. Both trips changed my life, my relationship with God, and grew me in ways I could never have imagined. It was during my trip to Ethiopia that I chose to pursue a relationship with Christ, rather than to treat my faith as fire insurance. In South Africa, I learned what real fellowship among believers is, and that changed me forever. Those trips changed my life in ways I still have trouble understanding.

This summer, I have an opportunity to go on another missions trip to Thailand. This time, however, I will not be one of the students on the project, but one of the college interns. As an intern, I will be helping lead the ministry in Thailand, where we will be working with students in English clubs and conversation groups, and serving in orphanages and other holistic ministries. One of my main roles as an intern will be building up the missionary kids going on the project. I am really looking forward to this mission’s trip because this time, I get a chance to help change other missionary kids lives, just as mine changed on my trips to South Africa and Ethiopia.

In order for me to participate in this trip, I need to raise $6,465 by May 10th. This will last the entire summer for me as I will spend several weeks in Orlando training for the project, two months in Thailand running two projects back-to-back, and then another week back in Orlando debriefing the trip.

Would you consider helping send me on this project? Even if you cannot contribute financially, prayer is something I will need just as much this summer.

If you would like to donate, you have several options:

• Go to give.cru.org and use my designation number, 5546359

• Write a check made payable to Cru and sent to

Tate Savig

413 Parmelee Hall

Fort Collins, CO 80521

• Use Internal Campus Crusade account transfer (email brenda.friesen@cru.org)

Please include my designation number, 5546359 on all transactions.

I will be calling you to follow up if I do not hear from you.

Thank you for you consideration,

Tate Savig

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