Freak the Mighty

By Rodman PhilBrick


Starting off , max wasn't very a smart boy , Freak was a little crippled boy that was very smart. But then when freak moved in his neighborhood everything changed. When max sees one of freaks little birds stuck on the tree , max quickly went to help. After hanging out for a while , max and freak got very close. Freak teaches Max a lot of new thing , he teaches him how to read & also max gets to learn new words. When school started parents and teachers decided to put both of them together in the same class so max could help freak move around the school. After all that max started to learn how to read and learn new things , but then one day at school , the principal came in their class to get max to tell him something but this time , freak cant come along.. when he gets to the office max starts to ask if everybody was okay , but then he tells him about KillerKane. his father. in other words max's day was awful that day. Then when he got home he heard grim and gram arguing , all bc of killerkane.. Grim wanted to get a gun after he heard killerane was on peril , to protect gram and max. But then one Christmas eve at night , someone was in max's room , who could it be? o boy , who else , killerkane. He made max put some other close on quietly to not wake anybody up , then killerkane took him to iggys house. Iggy really didn't say nothing to max because he was scared of killerkane, but all he did was give them something to eat like Kane had said without saying a word. After eating killerkane asked iggy to look for a place for them to sleep , then Kane starts asking max a lot of questions saying if he really thinks he killed his mom , and a lot more questions , but then iggy came in the room saying the cops were looking for max so killerkane ordered him to go find a gun and a get away car. but iggy didn't get there on time so max and kane left to an old abandoned church , where Kane quickly tied max up so he wouldn't try to run away , when Kane leaves for a few minutes , max hears something .. its Loretta she comes in to try and help max , unties him and then... Kane came in oh boy , he quickly grabbed Loretta by her neck and started choking her , after a minute max decided to help , jumping on Kane and telling him to stop. all it took for Kane to let go was " i saw you kill mom " , i saw you " . Right away max ran before Kane could get him leading them out the church to safety where , sadly the cops were waiting for killerkane. after all that freaks birthday came along , he wanted a computer for his birthday that he liked on one of his magazines , so his mom got it for him. Then that day of his birthday party , freak was acting weird , he didn't wanna eat he was just playing with his food , he didn't really talk much , after they finished eating , freak started having a seizure they quickly called 911 and freak was rushed to the hospital , then one day max was on his way to visit freak , he goes into the ICU where freak is staying at and then freak sees him and simply smiles and tells him to go talk to him , then he told him to grab the book that's on the table , he just clearly told him to write up all their adventures they had together , but yes , max doesn't know how to write so freak just tells him to write like he's talking. Then one day when max was on his way to freaks room , Dr. Spivak came up to him just staring at him weirdly , with tears coming out of her eyes asking max " are you max " , " oh my oh no " , that's when max started getting real worried running through the hospital halls nurses coming out of nowhere trying to get him , then security was called all of a sudden bam! Max was quickly dropped to the floor , security on top of him trying to get a hold of him. That's when Dr. Spivak told him everything freak said was a lie , and that freak even new he wouldn't be alive for long & he knew exactly what his disease was. Max was very very , heartbroken after finding out , he didn't know he was going to die and live for long. Max was very sad all he would do is stay in his room " down under " and eventually even missed freaks funeral and gwen moving away. Then one day he decided to do what freak had told him to do , write all their adventures they both had together.


Max's room " down under "

Gwens house ( freak " kevin " mom )

Grim & Grams house ( where Max lives )

iggys house

the Hospital



-one doesn't turn out to be like there parents , in other words max , because his dad was a killer that was in prison for killing his mom. & he didn't want to follow the same footsteps as him.

-teamwork can lead to many fun adventures , freak the mighty , went on many adventures together

-don't judge a book by its cover , like Max said iggy looked mean and rude but towards the end of the story iggy was the one that helped him escape after getting kidnapped.