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October 13

4-7pm - FM9 Football vs. Hebron @ Hebron HS

5:30 &7pm - JV Football vs. Hebron @ FMHS

October 14

*SPIRIT DAY - Make the Hawks Sweat (80s Workout Wear)*

5:30-7:30pm - Volleyball vs. Hebron @ Hebron HS

7:30 - Varsity Football vs. Hebron @ Hebron HS

Deep Fried Foods: The Classics and the Extraordinary

Fair Food Review

Classic Fried Chicken: The fried chicken consisted of chicken wings, hand-battered coating, and a hint of lemon.

"I approve. The coating of the chicken had the right amount of crunch to it. The saltiness was just the right amount and left me craving for more. The texture and the flavors mixed together were to die for in this classic and delicious meal."

All-time Favorite Deep Fried Oreos: The deep fried Oreos were your regular Oreos with a twist. They were dipped in batter and then sent to the fryer. They were topped with powdered sugar.

"My taste buds were not worthy of this ultimately delicious treat. The texture was perfect and felt as if I was biting into a perfect cupcake. The flavor was rich in sweetness, but it was just right. The portion was a bit small for me, but it was close to a good amount. Overall, I would have to say that deep fried Oreos are the Holy Grail of deep fried foods everywhere."

Sweet and Simple Nutter Butters: These peanut butter treats as you imagine, were coated in batter, fried, and topped with powdered sugar.

"These treats were simple and strangely elegant. The flavors combined well with each other. The consistency was a little on the dry side, but other than that, it was like biting into a cupcake. I would definitely recommend this, unless your allergic to peanuts."

-Your Local FM9 "Food Critic", Samantha VanOverschelde

Written By: Sophie Slaughter and Samantha VanOverschelde