March 18th Pony News

Building a Brighter Future!

2018-2019 Campus Mission and Vision

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Welcome Back Mrs. Burleson

Lewisville Staff & Family!

I am so glad to be back. Thank you for being such a loving and supportive staff while I was out- I really enjoyed the texts, check ins and phone calls (THANK YOU). We have put to good use all the diapers, wipes and clothes that you gave us- we are so appreciative of your generosity. Time with my toddler and newborn was wonderful, but thankful to return to a school community and job I love. See you soon - you will have to catch me up on all the LVES happenings.

-Mrs. Burleson

Nine More weeks to make a Difference!

As we move into our last 9 weeks, remember the impact that every single one of us can make in the lives of our Ponies. Take every second of the day to engage students in learning experiences.
  • 9 more weeks to create meaningful and positive relationships.
  • 9 more weeks to model and maintain a culture of respect.

  • 9 more weeks to find and promote students’ passion and interests.

  • 9 more weeks to motivate them.
  • 9 more weeks to improve their I station scores.
  • 9 more weeks to prepare them for the next grade level.
  • 9 more weeks to talk about college.
  • 9 more weeks to make a difference.

TEACHER RECOGNITION - I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day.

  • Kate Carlson - For being a team player and supporting her team all the time. She jumps to help those that need it. She thinks about what is best for the kids and is willing to change her schedule and structure for the kids.
  • Kate goes above and beyond for her students and our team. She is a person I can depend on especially for tech help.
  • Ms. Zamora, she is creative and engages students with her lessons.
  • Mrs. Carlson - For taking on so many hats during this time of need for 1st grade. She has worked to adjust the classes, and continue to plan and stay organized.
  • Emily Becker- She so selflessly helps everyone she can and always has a smile on her face.
  • Ms. Bernal (4th) for being a wonderful team lead.
  • Araceli Hernandez
  • Kristin Frazier - She is dedicated to her students and is always such an encouragement and support to her teammates!
  • Lance Thomas- so great with our kids, helpful and cheerful with everyone!
  • Mrs. O’Donnell- she is always kind and welcoming to all
  • Ms. Sayers - As a recent addition to the SPED team, I had no idea that Ms. Sayers was in her first year as a sped teacher. Working with her everyday, I still had no idea. Theresa has an amazing way of connecting with students, and is constantly asking herself what else she can do so that her kids can be successful. And when I say everyday, I literally mean everyday. She is tireless in her devotion to the students that she works with, and is a true joy to work with!
  • Coach W. is so supportive with our Pony family and our Ponies.
  • Mrs. Helbig for being an exceptional teacher.
  • Miss Becker! She is so patient with her children and is always willing to help other staff members.
  • Mrs. Becker - she shows the professionalism, positivism, and "lets do it" attitude every day! She seeks to give her students the best education and involvement with their peers. Emily communicates with Gen Ed teachers to make sure her students are doing the same curriculum and activities as their grade level peers. She is all around outstanding!
  • Emily Becker- She is always ready to help with any situation. She is very caring with staff and students. She collaborates and listens to the perspectives of others.
  • Emily Becker
  • Ms.Silvia, she is kind and is so invested in her students. She has great classroom management and stays very positive.
  • Coach W! Always going above and beyond for his students.
  • Mrs. Villegas
  • Mrs. Silvia, she is always there to help her students. She goes above and beyond to help all of those around her.
  • Kate Carlson
  • Veronica Oporto - very kind to everyone
  • Ruben Ledesma
  • Nurse Rachael
  • Mr. Anderson for his kindness and his relationship building with students.
  • Ms Zamora-She has put so much time and effort into the new rally procedures and made them meaningful and enjoyable for everyone.
  • Antoinette Boston - Mrs. Boston graciously opens her door for colleagues to observe her teaching. Her classroom management and instructional strategies make her a wonderful role model for all of us.
  • Ms. Lombrano - She is a joy to work with. Very professional, flexible and loving. She goes the extra mile for students with learning difficulties and looks for advice and strategies on how to better help them.
  • Marisol Anguita - she is very dedicated to her GT students and is always willing to help.
  • Yvette Bernal for pulling off the 4th Grade field trip with her team!
  • Mr. Ledesma has built great relationships with his students as well as the the entire 5th grade. His sense of humor makes him relatable, but the students respond to his high expectations. Mr. Ledesma is always prepared, responds quickly to what is asked of him, and willing to take the initiative to learn and do what is necessary to ensure student success.
  • Ms. Becker for her positive attitude and compassion.

STAFF RECOGNITION - I Statement: Be Positive and Encouraging every day.

  • Nurse Rachel - For thinking about what is best for the kids and putting their needs first.
  • Ms. Morales, is committed to the success of our students.
  • Nurse Rachel - For planning and executing the event to make sure our students were taken care of with regards to being able to see! This not only helps our students, but it helps their families, and the teachers!
  • Nurse Rachael- All the work she did for our ponies with the vision clinic is a testament to her heart for our kiddos every day!
  • 4th Grade Custodian because she is always smiling.
  • A true professional...Always there for the kids and teachers.
  • Mrs. Wallace - She does a great job working with my students during Pony Time and the kids are ALL showing improvement!
  • Mrs. Blake- what an awesome job as our sub VP
  • Mrs. Dickinson she is always helpful and positive
  • Ms. Green- Shuntel occupies an odd space on our campus, she’s employed by a contractor and yet the majority of her time is spent on a campus away from everyone else in her organization. It’s a tough place to be at times, but Shuntel handles it with such grace and skill that it truly amazes me on a regular basis. I’m so grateful to work with and learn from someone who is so genuine and purposeful in every interaction and act of service she is a part of.
  • Mrs. Mendrano interacts very well with our Ponies and she is kind and well mannered.
  • Nurse Rachel for making it possible to get 141 pairs of glasses for our students!
  • Miss Brittany! She is always close by to help with behavior and has great connections with so many students!
  • Mrs. Dickinson - she comes to Pony Time every day ready to work with the students with their best interests at heart. She has the highest expectations for her group and the other students in the class not in her group. She supports the teacher in the classroom and has a gift for pulling out high level thinking from her students.
  • Brittney Musser- she shows empathy, compassion and respect. she commits herself to help others.
  • Ms. Brittany, she's always willing to jump in and lend a hand whenever it is needed! And she has worked really hard forming relationships with all the students...they adore her and so do we!
  • Mr. Dixson
  • Gaby Morales: For her dedication and willingness to help our Ponies. Always with a smile on her face!!
  • Mrs. Oden. She is always there for the students; she goes above and beyond to help those around her.
  • Mrs. Ratzlaff, she is so flexible and helpful wherever she is needed. She helps throughout the whole building.
  • Dale Dixson
  • Nurse Rachael takes care of the well being of our students and staff. She worked to ensure that nearly 200 of our students received eye exams and new glasses!
  • Nurse Rachel for helping to get 141 pairs of glasses for our ponies!
  • Ms Hernandez-Works hard to make the library a great experience for students and teachers.
  • Veronica Hernandez - Mrs. Hernandez constantly works behind the scenes for the benefit of our entire school. She always has a smile, and treats everyone with respect and kindness.
  • Gaby Morales. She is amazing, you can always see her working with her students and doing her duties.
  • Mr. Robert Reed - always ready to do anything needed to be done. Nicest professional ever.
  • Betty Guerrero for working so hard on 4th Grade field trip!
  • Nurse Rachel - She goes above and beyond for our students.

Congratulations to our March Teacher and Staff of the Month!

More Recognitions- Destination Imagination

Thank you to Mrs. Troyer and Ms. Rodriguez for preparing our Ponies for the Destination Imagination competition.

More Recognitions -Technology Committee

Shout outs to Monica Lombrano, Sandra Zamora, Veronica Sammon, Michael Colon, Araceli Hernandez, Vicki Butler, Nancy Benton, and Veronica Hernandez for your work behind the scenes facilitating, preparing, and presenting our technology learning sessions Friday, before Spring Break. Thank you for going above and beyond.

Congratulations Coach W and Coach Green

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STUDENT RECOGNITION -I statement: Create meaningful and positive relationships with all students.

We will recognize students with a certificate and breakfast with Mrs. Valdes on Friday, March 22nd in the library. At 7:45, I will make an announcement on the intercom and ask for the students to report to the cafeteria.


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Staff Learning - March 20th

Date: Wednesday, March 20th

Time: 3:15 - 4:30

Place: Library

*Please report to the library with your charged laptops and TEKS & ELPS Collaboration binders. After our general meeting, we will divide into two (2) learning sessions.

  • K - 2nd Grades - Library - Reading focus
  • 3rd - 5th Grades - Think Spot - Math focus

3rd Grade team brings snacks and leads a 2 Minute Connection, a 90 Second Spark, or a Circle. (10 minutes).

I Station Check Ins

Before the meeting:

  • Print and bring your classroom distribution report graph and your ISIP report by skill.

During the meeting:
  • Share 3 things that you can CELEBRATE based on your March Istation data and running records for your class.

  • Share 2 things that you have been doing in RESPONSE to your March Istation data and running records for your class.

  • Create a goal for your Tier I, Tier II and Tier III students for your April Istation check in using the Description of Instructional Tiers. (see picture below)

    • For example, for your students above grade level, they could increase 5 points.

    • For your students below grade level, they could increase 10 points (from 204 Tier III in March to 214 Tier II in April).

  • We will Identify strategies and resources to use to accomplish these goals and the skills on which to focus.

Click here for coverage.

I station Check in Schedule

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3rd 9 Weeks LVES Awards Ceremonies

All Grade Levels:

  • Perfect Attendance

  • Character Trait

  • Specials (To be completed by the Specials Teachers)

  • IStation Top Scores (Prepared by Samia Rutherford)


  • Citizenship

Grades 2-5

  • A Honor Roll

  • A-B Honor Roll

Please send the following invitation to the parents of the students that will be recognized.

Please fill in the Google Sheet for your grade level each 9 weeks:

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STAAR testing training will replace the Vertical Alignment Team meeting. All employees are required to participate.

Where: Library

Time: 3:20 p.m.

Snacks will be provided.

** Instructional Support staff. Please coordinate with Betty to leave early one day during the week. Plan to attend the STAAR training.

Master Calendar

Click here to access the LVES Master Calendar. Thank you Coach Green for keeping the calendar up to date.

Our Pony Week

Monday March 18th:
  • New Teacher Mtg. after school
  • TELPAS Rating party during conference time
  • TELPAS Possible make-up day
Tuesday March 19th:
  • TEKS & ELPS Collaboration for 2nd, 5th, and 1st grades
  • Tutoring
  • Office meeting 3:20
  • K-2nd Istation Check ins Part 1
    Wednesday March 20th:
    • Spring Begins
    • Dress for Success
    • Math LF on campus
    • K-2nd Istation Check ins Part 2
    • Staff Learning 3:15 - 4:30
    Thursday March 21st:
    • Science Learning Facilitator on campus
    • Awards: 3rd gr. @ 8:00
    • Awards 4th gr. @ 1:40
    • Awards 5th gr. @ 2:15
    • Training after school - On-line Reviewing the Standards - 4th grade
    Friday March 22nd:
    • Student of the Month Breakfast
      • Awards: 1st gr. @ 8:30
      • Awards Kinder @ 9:30
      • Awards 2nd gr. @ 2:10

      Important Days Coming Up

      • March 25th:
      1. 5th grade Science STAAR Released Benchmark
      2. Lang. Arts K-2 LF on campus
      3. Multilingual Coordinator on campus
      • March 26th:
      1. Elementary School Scheduling Design Team (all day at Career Center)
      2. TEKS & ELPS Collaboration for 3rd, 4th, Kindergarten
      3. Tutoring
      4. Training after school - On-line Reviewing the Standards - 3rd grade
      • March 27th:
      1. Dress for Success
      2. 3rd & 4th Grade Math STAAR Released Benchmark
      3. Technology LF on campus
      4. Principal University
      5. (TELPAS Back Up Rating Party Date)
      6. STAAR Training 3:15 - 4:30
      • March 28th:
      1. 3rd & 4th Grade Reading STAAR Released Benchmark
      2. Girls LWAL
      3. Tutoring
      4. PTA + 1st Gr. Program


      Click here to submit a Shout-Out.

      • Thank you to the entire Pony family for your love and an AWESOME baby shower week! I enjoyed everything!

      • Huge appreciation to Mrs. Echevarria and Mrs. Norton who were involved in a lot of preparation time and dedication to provide us with career day. Thank you for your dedication to support our campus.
      • Mr. Reed for always for being humble and kind.
      • Mrs. Rutherford for continuing to support the needs of Saturday school.
      • Mrs. Guerrero for supporting Saturday school.
      • Thank you Mrs. Valdes for the breakfast tacos during Saturday school. Such a nice treat to support our attendance.
      • Thank you Sunshine Committee for providing treats before Spring Break!
      • Mrs. Sammon for always giving me a helping hand!
      • Thanks Mr. Frosch for providing the science materials for the next lesson!
      • Ms. Bernal (aka Wonder Woman) thanks for always sharing your knowledge about upcoming TEKS and what we need to zone in on.
      • Mrs. Sammon for helping with my writing! :)
      • Ms. Becker for inviting me to read to your class.
      • Ms. Sayers for revising my very important paperwork.
      • Thank you to Mrs. V Hernandez for organizing the book author! My class was engaged and are more inspired to read and write!
      • Coach W, Mr.Berg, & Mr. Thomas for helping me unload all of my sunshine treats!
      • Becker, Helbig, & Mrs. Betty for being my go to girls with Sunshine! They have gone above and beyond to help bring joy to this school.
      • Mrs. Troyer and Ms. Rodriguez, for their hard work, time, resources and love with the Destination Imagination Program.
      • Mrs. Salazar - Thank you for being on "top of things". You effort doesn't go unnoticed!
      • Mrs. Oden for being so willing to help. Thank you for going above and beyond to help me complete a task. Your kindness made my day!
      • Ms. Danielle Ramage for always being so helpful and quick to reply to email requests. Even the mundane requests matter when someone does it with a smile. Thank you Danielle!
      • Mrs. Veronica Hernandez for organizing our author visit.
      • Our Sunshine Committee for the yummy dinner before Open House and the daily treats to survive our week before Spring Break.
      • Ms. Butler for sharing her insight of Seesaw during our technology hour.
      • Mrs. Araceli Hernandez for sharing helpful insights about Google Classroom, Google Slides, and recent updates.
      • My partner, Mrs. Arocha, for preparing stations of our Language Science curriculum to display and model during Open House.
      • Mrs. Brinegar for her continued efforts in helping meet student needs this year. It has been a year of much change and increased caseloads, and day-in and day-out, she gets it done!
      • Mr. Green for helping us stay informed by sending us friendly reminders of current events and deadlines. Thank you!
      • Ms. Shuntel Green for taking the time to follow up and ask "How are you doing?" I appreciate your kindness.

      Happy March Birthdays

      • Shuntel Green -- March 3rd
      • Brandes Bodiford --March 4th
      • Marisol Anguita-Otero -- March 5th
      • Yvette Bernal -- March 5th
      • Letiza Quezada -- March 12th
      • Melissa Villegas -- March 18th
      • Kristin Fraizer -- March 31st
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