The Hornet's Nest

For Dodd City Elementary Parents

Seen and Heard

I've been seeing many of our students out and about this summer! It's always so exciting to see everyone and hear about their summertime adventures.

I, though, have been hanging out here at school...a very quiet (too quiet) school. I miss my people! Teachers have been trickling in here and there getting their classrooms all prettied-up for you!

Scroll through this newsletter for some upcoming events. I have not updated the calendar at the end yet. Look for that to be complete the first week of school.

Planning for another outstanding school year!

It’s the Dodd City Way!

Parent Resources Newsletter

This is a resource I put together that is a "one-stop shop" for good, basic school information.

Here is a sample of things you can find there:


*Dress Code



*Drop-off/Pick-up procedures

*Transfer information

*lunch/breakfast prices

There is much, much more, so please check it out. If you have an idea of other information that would be helpful, please let me know. I want to this to be a good, workable resource for our families. Let me know what you think!


Online registration opened August 1. Mrs. Atchley will be available for assistance with this Monday, August 5 and Thursday, August 8 from 8-noon. She will have computers available as well if you would like to come up to school to complete registration.

Don't know whether you need to register or not? Here are the guidelines:

*RETURNING Dodd City students: MUST complete all parts of online registration

*NEW Dodd City students: MUST complete all PAPER forms We will be in touch if we are missing anything from you.

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher is Thursday, August 15, from 5:00 - 6:30.

This is a time to bring all of your school supply goodies to school, and most importantly...find out which teacher you will have this year!

In addition, we will have tables set up to:

*sign up for After School Care

*sign up for a bus route

*buy your new school shirt

*sign any permission forms for at-school medications

New Staff/Staff Changes

You will see some new faces this year, and some familiar faces in new places!

Stefanie Walker - Instructional Aide and After School Care Director

Lana Payne - Special Education

Stacey Wright - Elementary Secretary

Faith Rich - 5th grade ELAR/social studies

Robyn Smith - 3rd grade math

Nicole Brown - 1st/2nd grade ELAR

Due to enrollment numbers, we will have one 1st and 2nd grade homeroom class this year with Mrs. Brent and Mrs. Massie. Ms. Brown will be working with both grade levels, in smaller groups, for language arts instruction. Our students will enjoy "changing classes" like the big kids. They will also benefit from two outstanding teachers! This is an incredible opportunity to provide exceptional instruction and utilize our staff to the best potential.

Calendar of Events...Check early and often for updates!

August 15 Meet the Teacher 5:00 - 6:30

August 15 PTO Meeting 6:30 in the cafeteria

August 19 First day of class for grades K-12! Welcome back! Tardy bell rings at 7:50

August 21 First day of class for PreKindergarten at 7:50

August 21 Boo-Hoo's and Ya-Hoo's 7:45 in the Day Care Room for all PreK parents