Pediatric Oncology

An amazing chance to save the lives of several children!

Famous Pediatric Oncologist

This is Paul Finch, and he is well known! He is an amazing pediatric Oncologist and has expanded the life time of several children with cancer.

What level of Chemistry do you need to aquire the job.

You need two years of Chemistry to aquire the job.

How long does it take to get the degree needed for this job and what level of education do you need?

It takes a total of 4 years to get the degree needed for the job. but after that it takes another 6 years to get all of the other requirements for the the job.

What is the median expected salary per year to be a pediatric oncologist.

Pediatric Oncologist in the United States typically earn a median expected salary of $195,249 per year.

The satisfactions of being a being a Pediatric Oncologist are:

  • Knowing you are saving the lives of children.
  • You get to work with kids everyday and connect with them.
  • Feeling good about yourself for overcoming barriers.
  • Even though children are so close to death, they are still filled with happiness and create a positive atmosphere always.
  • The amount of pay a Pediatric Oncologist gets is pretty great.
St. Judes Research Hospital is a well known hospital across the country. It is my dream place to work. Many amazing Pediatric Oncologists work at St. Judes.