Music of the 60's and 70's

by: Sadie Cantrell

Lucy and the Sky of Diamonds by: The Beatles

The song "Lucy and the Sky of Diamonds shows a time where drugs were on the rise. The song is talking about being high, with it's absurd gestures like marshmallow pies, and flowers growing to the sky. This reveals that drugs were on the rise, and that they weren't a bad thing, they were just here and it was going to make life better.
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - The Beatles (lyrics)

White Rabbit by: Jefferson Airplane

Jefferson Airplane "White Rabbit" is talking about the age of drugs, like Lucy and the Sky of Diamonds. it is talking about the positive side of drugs, and the experience they had on drugs, and how drugs were not a bad thing. That drugs were something to think of as a way of ending the war.

2+2=? by: Bob Seger

Bob Segar was trying say it his song "2+2=?" that he is too young to go into war. That he was never meant for all this fighting, that he just wants a simpler time. He wants a time where fight wasn't a thing. He is also saying that we are fighting for nothing, that we are fighting for things that we don't even have in the United States.
The Twist - Chubby Checker

The Twist by: Chubby Checker

Monday, Sep. 19th 1960 at 9pm

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Chubby Checker's song "The Twist" was demonstrating a the new style of dance, that no had seen before this time. It was a dance that was made popular by African Americans. Before this time African American was seen as less, but they were becoming more and more in society.
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