Coaching Corner

December 2015


Liz Pfister

Explain Everything App for Ipad

Explain Everything is a unique interactive screencasting whiteboard app being used by over 2 million students, teachers, leaders, and learners around the world. Engage and get inspired. Click here to watch other people's explanations, videos, and projects made in Explain Everything.
Explain Everything™ Interactive Whiteboard


Karen Quick

I’m done…now what….Math Contracts!

If you have students that already know the Math material before you begin a new unit, this contract might be just the thing you need to keep students engaged and differentiate their learning!

You can give a pretest and decide on a target score for mastery. Those students, who score high enough, are grouped, given the contract, along with expectations and rules, and allowed to work on these activities at your discretion.

This contract can be used over several units. You can also change the strategies listed at the top to fit your grade level standards.

I am available to help you create a contract for the specific needs of a student and/or conference with them at a scheduled time. Please let me know if this is something you are interested in for your students and we can set up a time to put it into action.



Megan Reimbold

Calendar Overlay

We have a solution for you! The calendars in “Outlook” can be over layed so that you can see what is happening in each area with the click of a mouse. Follow these few easy steps to customize your Outlook Calendars and make those lightning fast decisions possible! Please see the step by step directions created by Megan attached to the bottom of this email.

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Amber Lamb

Authentic Tasks

Authentic Tasks engage students in meaningful learning opportunities beyond the classroom and incorporate real-world learning situations. Requiring active participation, reasoning, and problem solving, authentic tasks are motivating to students. The county has incorporated many professional learning opportunities around project-based learning and itsLearning is chock full of tasks, especially in the area of math. As you look at your plans for the week, reflect on the moments your students will encounter authentic learning tasks. Feel the need to add another? Need something new? Maybe a fishbowl discussion, or a new approach to theme . . . Click on the green button below for a plethora of ideas to springboard possibly creating authentic tasks of your own. I'm happy to help you plan!
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