What can we 3D print for you?

CMS STEM students need ideas for their 3D design unit

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What do you need in your classroom?

My STEM students will be beginning their unit on 3D design soon. I would like to incorporate PBL and require students to design and 3D print something for the school. I need your help to give us ideas for what we could make!

Some examples of ideas I have seen on the interwebs include door stops, signs, and one science classroom even made a luxurious pool for their turtle!

The maximum size of the object is about 5in x 5in x 5 in.

If selected, my students may interview you about aspects of the design that you want (ex: color, how soon do you need it, what will it be used for, dimensions etc.)

If you would like to request an object to be designed and printed for you, please fill out the Google Form attached to this Smore Form. Students will use this information to evaluate possible design choices and contact you if they decide to 3D print your object.

Thank you! If you have any questions, please let me know.