Flyer By: Tyler Tscherter

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Information About the Book

The author of MoneyBall is Michael Lewis and the book was copy written was is the year of 2003. Also this is a great non-fiction sports book.

Why do I recommended this book?

I recommended this book is one of my most favorite books of all time. It met most all of the requirements for me, those requirements were having to do with sports and showing that you don't win sports by who has better players on their team but who has the best statistics throughout the entire team to help the team score more runs to win games. Mostly in MoneyBall Billy Beane and Peter Brand would use a mathematical formula to see what players had good statistics, and who would hopefully help out the team by scoring runs, getting on base, hitting and getting teammates to score etc... If you read this book I hope you like it because it is a great book and explains a lot about what is going on if you don't get what is happening in the story.

Main Characters

One main character in the book is Billy Beane. Billy is the manager of the Oakland Athletics (Baseball Team). Billy is a determined to win type of person. Another character is Peter Brand was in charge of finding hidden talent that other coaches didn't see, for example. One Base Percentage (OBP). Peter was a sharp person by saying he was quick and op top of his game on choosing players. Billy Beane on the left. Peter Brand on the Right.
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Main Conflict

The main conflict is that the Oakland Athletics are in a slump and aren't winning many games. Billy had to get the Athletics out of the slump by trading players to get players from other teams that have good statistics.